Posted by Peter

It is now the year 2003! Another year gone, and so many things have happened. I have gotten married, my uncle Matt and Janelle were married, and there have been several deaths in the family. To say the least it has been an eventful year. The marriages were a blessing, but for the rest of things, whats the old saying, "its a curse to live in interesting times"?

On the front of politics, I was happy to see the house/senate both return to republican control this year I can only hope that with the new leadership of Bill Frist in the Senate that the GOP will be able to get some things done. In my opinion Trent Lott was bound to give too much away to the DFL and his stepping down was a blessing in disguise.

It seems that Bill Frist is something of a hero now too! He was driving down the highway this New Years, saw an accident, and stopped to help. Seems he may have helped save some lives. To say the least, this can't help but help the GOP in a time when they need some good news. For the story, CLICK HERE


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