Posted by Peter

Well its a new year, and I've decided to try and drop a few pounds (more like 25). A year or two ago I was at 230 lbs. and I lost almost 30 pounds doing the Body For Life System. Basically what that involves is eating healthier, and excercising 6 days a week. You alternate between lifting weights and aerobic excercise. To find out more go to

I started doing the system again on Saturday, and I've done it for 2 days now. We'll see how well I'm able to stay with the plan. I started with upper body weight lifting, and yesterday I ran a couple of miles. Tonight i lift weights for the lower body. I can't wait! My upper body is so sore after lifting on Saturday, I almost can't lift my arm above my head. I guess that means its working right?

I'll update on this site throughout the process to let you know how its going. Here are my current stats:

226 pounds
25% body fat
1 BIG Spare tire

Hopefully it will change and in a few months you'll see:

200 pounds
10-15% body fat
Rock hard abs

It remains to be seen. Wish me luck!


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