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I just thought I'd actually write something on my blog today instead of just providing links to some of my reading. Here are some of my thoughts on some current topics:

The war in Iraq.
As each day passes I am more and more convinced that we need to take out Saddam, and liberate the people of Iraq. I was just reading about a speech given by Paul Wolfowitz to a group in Michigan that included scores of Iraqi ex-patriots. When he made the point that Saddam needs to be taken out of power, those from Iraq erupted in thunderous applause. Some of them were interviewed later, and they related their own families tales of torture and murder under his regime. Hearing stories like their's just makes me realize how evil a man this is, and that we can't kow-tow to his every request for more time, or sneaky manuevers intended to allow him to keep his weapons of destruction and torture.

From the tenor of my posts it may have come across that I am against peace, and that I am somewhat of a war hawk. I would tell you that I am for peace, but that I am also for justice, and for the security of the American people. I am NOT for peace at any cost, no matter how admirable a goal it is. I think in the end, when we play games with a murderous regime like Saddam's, and forget about the security of our own nation, that there will be a dear cost to pay.

I have also put up links to articles talking about communist links to the peace rallies. Now, don't get me wrong, I do believe that there are many thousands of well intentioned people who want peace in the world. However, I also know that if you look at those who are sponsoring these rallies they have very distinct ties to communist and socialist organizations. (ie; one of the biggest organizers, ANSWER is a front for a communist organization). I think you need to take that into account when looking at these rallies because it goes to the heart of the issue, and that is that they aren't really rallying for peace in the world, but against America, and what it stands for (democracy). I think that those who are well intentioned, and actually for peace, are being used by those communist organizations, and by Saddam's Iraq to further their own goals.


I have to admit, I haven't listened to anything by Norah Jones yet, but I think I'll have to check her out now. Personally I think that Bruce Springsteen should have won the best album award for The Rising, but who am I to judge?

Rhode Island Fire

It was so sad to hear about the fire at the nightclub in Rhode Island, and the 97 lives that were lost (so far). To hear about how people were trying to get out, crawling to the doors, and pushing to get through, it just broke my heart. I am praying for those who lost loved ones that they would be comforted in this hard time.

Local Cuisine

Maria and i have been buying gift certificates to several local restaurants lately on Ebay through Basically you pay 8-10 dollars for a $25 gift certificate, which you can then use at the restaurant. So far we have eaten at Wooley's St. Paul and Herkimer's in Minneapolis with these certificates without any problems.

Maria and I went to Wooley's in Downtown St Paul on Valentine's day. I had the prime rib, and she had a pasta dish with a white sauce. Overall it was a pleasant evening, and the food was delicious. The decor was romantic and the service was a bit fargo-esque, but friendly. It was also a nice setting there in the Embassy Suites Hotel in which they had a pond with live ducks and other waterfowl. Very romantic. All in all the dinner cost about $30 after the $25 GC.

This past weekend we used our $25 GC for Herkimer's Pub and Grill in Minneapolis. The restaurant is dimly lit with candle's on the tables, and vintage-looking beer posters on the walls.

Herkimer's is also a brew pub, so all of the beer selections they have are brewed on location. We had a very good meal, I ordered the bbq roast beef sandwich, and Maria had Cheeseburger. My sandwich was perfect, and the BBQ sauce had a hint of raspberry. Maria's Burger was a bit overdone, but tasty. For dessert we had a piece of caramel apple pie which was also very good. After eating we played a quick game of shuffleboard on the table-top version of shuffle board (which was free by the way). All in all a fun night, and after the Gift Certificate, cost only $8.


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