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Killing Is Always Wrong?

I have heard some people talk lately about how killing is always wrong, and how we shouldn't go to war with Iraq because we'll be killing so many people, guilty and innocent. They have even called Bush a murderer. Many of those people will use the "thou shalt not kill" commandment as proof that as a bible believing Christian, I should never feel it is ok to kill another human being. To those people I would have them realize that the biblical text when more closely translated actually means "thou shalt not murder", and to me there is a huge difference. In many instances I believe it is justified to kill.

What would those people have done in the case of World War II? Would they have stood idly by championing the cause of peace and non-violence while another ruthless dictator, Adolf Hitler, murdered millions of people? Or would they have taken up the cause of freedom and liberty, and killed those who would enslave and murder millions? I can assure you that no amount of inspections or UN sanctions would have stopped Hitler, and the same stands for Saddam.

What would they have a police officer faced with a gun-toting criminal do? Try to talk to him about how killing is wrong while he is gunned down ruthlessly? Sometimes force is the only language an evil-doer understands.

Saddam Hussein is a ruthless dictator who tortures, maims and kills his own people. He does this all to further his own power and greed. He has time and time again shown that he is willing to attack other countries as well as his own people. The UN realized that he is a threat to those around him and passed a resolution aimed at getting Iraq to disarm and relinquish their weapons of mass destruction. Time and time again they have been shown to not be cooperating with inspectors, banned chemical warheads have been found, and satellite photos have shown them trucking things out of the back of inspection sites as inspectors come in the front door. To those who say we haven't provided a smoking gun that Iraq has banned weapons, I would say, we don't need one. It is up to Iraq to provide evidence that the weapons they had were destroyed, and to prove that they have no new weapons. They haven't done that, and have been full of deceit and contempt in the process..

In the interest of peace I believe we HAVE to go to war with Iraq now, or we will have to deal with a greater evil at sometime in the near future. He has shown a contempt for the international community, and is a definite threat to the international community, now, and if we allow it, in the future.

I want to say that I think it is always a horrible thing when someone dies, but I also think that killing can be justified and isn't always wrong. Comments? email me at


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