Posted by Peter

As of last night, the United States, along with the support of 45 other countries launched the war to liberate Iraq. They shot around 40 cruise missles, and dropped a few bombs on some targets of "opportunity" in Bagdhad. It sounds like they were aiming to hit Saddam himself, along with some of his top leaders. At this point they don't know who, or how many people they killed. Saddam went on the air after the raids, declaring the Bush administration as criminals. It looked like it may have been an impersonator, however, and there were indications that the speech was taped, not live.

It is expected that the US will begin their "shock and awe" bombing campaign sometime in the next day or two. We can only hope and pray that most of the Iraqi military will surrender and spare their nation the devastation that will come their way if they don't.

God bless our troops, and the USA!


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