Posted by Peter

Maria and I had our small group over for our weekly meeting last night. They are such a fun group of people! We always end up talking and laughing and just having such a great time. Two of the couples are pregnant, with one of them due next month. We keep joking about how we're giving birth to the next small group. Someone last night made a joke about Maria and I having a baby next.. eeek! scary thought.

This morning I got up around 6:45 and went for a run near our house. It was such a beautiful morning, around 37 or 38 degrees, the sun was coming up on the horizon, and it just felt so good to be alive! I've been doing the body for life thing all week, starting tuesday, and my body is a bit sore. I am getting to the point where i look forward to excercising now!

Well, back to work!


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