Legends of War

Posted by Peter

The articles decrying the media's lack of focus on how EVIL the Saddam Hussein regime really was, and just how well things have gone there are popping up everywhere. Yes, there is a bit of resistance, but it is by a few radicals, many of whom have come from other regions/countries. The truth of the matter is that the US has had a stunning military victory, and is on its way to creating a secular democratic state in Iraq. Will the road be long and hard? Yes. Is it impossible for there to be an arab democracy? I don't think so.

In this article, Jonathan Foreman sums it up, "MUCH of the discourse on Iraq continues to be dominated by myths - provable falsehoods that happen to confirm the prejudices of the antiwar crowd and/or those disposed to think our mission is failing now. " He concludes, "The Iraq war was an astonishing military success. The current troubles, while real, are being grossly misrepresented. This matters. But understanding the situation is going to be much harder if reporters collude in constructing myths that reflect their own political prejudices. " Great article, check it out.


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