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California has a new Governator!
With most of the precincts reporting, The recall has succeeded, and Arnold has been voted in as the new governor. Californians may not be as crazy as we all thought. Good going California! Here are the numbers:

Governor Recall
97% precincts reporting
Yes 54%
No 46%

Governor Candidate
97% precincts reporting
Schwarzenegger 3,475,671
Bustamante 2,354,159
McClintock 958,274

I have to say that I am not that surprised by the results of the recall. The people were able to see through the partisan attacks by the left in California spearheaded by the Los Angeles Times. The people clearly rejected Davis, and the trash politics his ilk spawned. The people know that the state is in trouble, and only Arnold will be able to head up an effort to turn things around.

So where to start? He can start by getting rid of the car tax, and by repealing the driver's license for illegals law. Let's just hope that the Dems will be able to get beyond the seething anger that has been bubbling up to stand back and let Arnold do his thing. Already last night scores of Democrats being interviewed were hinting at obstructionism ad nauseam. Some of the things they hinted at included: a recall of Arnold within 90 days, going to court over voters being "disenfranchised" in California, having criminal charges filed against Arnold for some of his fabricated "groping" incidents, etc. I hope that they do do those things because in the end it will backfire, and the people will see them for what they really are - desperate.

Here are some articles talking about this great event:

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