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Here is an article talking about the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion coming out early next year. There has been a considerable amount of controversy surrounding this movie, much of it having to do with whether or not the movie is anti-semitic or not.

In his article , "A Pack of Anti-Christs," Dr. Ted Baehr argues that the real issue is not the movie's alleged anti-semitism, but actually secular elites "whose intent is to attack Jesus Christ by attacking the authenticity of the Bible and of Christianity itself."

He goes on to say, "Many of these anti-Christs want people to believe that the Bible is highly inaccurate and cannot be read as if it says what it says. They are angry that Mel Gibson has stuck to the biblical text, and their problem is that they do not want to believe the biblical text because it would force them to consider the claims of Jesus Christ. Their fallacious premise is that "we don’t know who wrote the Gospels.” "

Baehr then details why he believes the biblical texts can be viewed as highly accurate, and why he believes the "elites" are misguided. An interesting read.


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