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Here is a good (long though) post detailing why Bush's justification for war was accurate, despite what democratic nitpickers and wafflers would have you believe.

With the end of the Iraq war, comes the question...was the war justified?

Of course, one must define the justification for war first.
Was it human rights? Was it terrorism? Was it WMDs all along, with the others justifications only claimed after the fact?

Well, there's only one definitive answer, and it always suprises me that this is still debated. The justification for war has long been codified and official.
It is described in the October 10th, 2002 "House Joint Resolution Authorizing Use of Force Against Iraq", and it is quite clear.

So, in light of the recent progress report from David Kay, let's examine the justification for war, and see what we get. We'll list the justifications and see if they have been confirmed, or found wanting.

Justification: A Post-War Review


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