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Prayers for a Cousin on the Front
The war in Iraq hit close to home this week as my wife Maria learned that her cousin Jason (who she is very close to) is currently located in Karbala, Iraq. This week he was involved in a firefight in Karbala in which 3 of his fellow men in arms were killed including his Batallion commander, and two squad leaders who he knew well. Also one of his best friends was shot in both legs and is now on his way to Walter Reed Medical Center. Jason's mother wrote us the following:

We would like you all to know that Jason was involved in the firefight in Karbala, Iraq, but fortunately was not shot. He called us at 5 this morning to let us know that he is ok physically, but emotionally he is not doing well. His battalion commander was killed as were two squad leaders that he knew well. One of his best friends was shot in both legs and is now in the hospital (stable condition) in Germany until the end of this week when he will be flown to Walter Reed Hospital. There were 7 hurt by shrapnel fragments. He told us that a rocket propelled grenade exploded a foot above his head. They were in an intense firefight that lasted for about half an hour.
I guess he wont be home until April. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. We would all be so blessed to see him come home safely.

We thank God that Jason wasn't injured. At the same time If you could all keep him in your prayers, and pray for those that lost their loved ones, that would be greatly appreciated.


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