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Bush's Economic Recovery

For all of us Republican faithful out there, there never were any doubts that Bush's tax cuts would eventually turn this economy around. The 3rd quarter's growth of 7.2%, the largest in the last 20 years, bring along with it hopes that jobs will be the next thing to come along (and I know they will, unless of course we have another terrorist attack, God forbid).

Here is an interesting article talking about how some democrats are actually upset about the economy's turnaround (specifically Paul Krugman - democratic pundit/madman), and will not give credit where credit is due.

As it stated in an editorial on, "Those on the American left might do well to listen to Germany's socialist Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, hardly a friend of Bush, who said Friday: "We know from America . . . (tax cuts) are necessary and what a positive impact that can have."

More good economic news:

Stocks Soar to 17 Month High
Oct. Factory Growth Fastest Since 2000
Construction Surges to Record in Sept.
Tax Cutter's Boom


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