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I read a very interesting article today by talking about an explosion of Christian house churches in China, and how quite possibly the islamic world may not need to worry so much about American Christians coming to convert them, but Chinese Christians.

In the article Jack Wheeler talks about David Aikman's book, "Jesus in Bejing" where Aikman estimates that there are

"currently over 80 million practicing Christian believers in China, and predicts that within three decades this number will quintuple to embrace fully one-third of China’s population. This in spite of incredible persecution by the Chinese Communist government."

Jack Wheeler goes on to state:

" The next Christian Crusades will be conducted by the Chinese. This even has a formal name: The Back to Jerusalem Movement. It is being organized by the leaders of the Protestant evangelical Chinese Christian churches with the stated intention of sending out a minimum of 100,000 Chinese Christian missionaries over the next 10-20 years to the “10/40” window: the latitudinal band around the world between 40º north and 10º south that encompasses the majority of Moslem populations."

I can only hope and pray that these brave Chinese Christians are successful in their mission. The profound effect that they could have on the world is very exciting.

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The Chinese Christian Crusade

Also, read more about the Back To Jerusalem Movement of Chinese Missionairies:


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