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A Religion of Peace?
One thing that has troubled me quite a bit is how President Bush has pandered to the Islamic special interest here in America calling Islam a religion of peace, saying he thinks we believe in the same God, etc etc. The reason I find this so troubling is because Islam is so obviously not a religion of peace. If you look at any country were Islam is prevalant, there is no democracy, only pain, suffering and oppression. Of course there are peaceful muslims, and those who don't believe in the same extreme brand of Islam, but it seems that Islam has increasingly become the territory of the extreme Islamofascists.

Over at Powerline today they touch on this idea of Islam as a religion of peace, talking about how the mass media will ignore the facts every chance they get, and try to gloss over how so many of the terrorist actions, and crimes are now motivated by this "religion of peace". They talk about how John Malvo and John Muhammad were both muslims motivated by their Islamic faith. Also, they touch on how some well meaning conservatives have been co-opted by Islamic factions in the U.S.



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