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I thought that President Bush's SOTU speech last night was a good one, especially when he was talking about his strengths in foreign policy and the recovering economy. I think it did get a little tiresome towards the end during the laundry list of programs/steroid talk/etc. But all in all, not bad.

From A Shot in the Dark:

A concise and somewhat comical summary of the State of the Union Speech (from a listserve):

"Bush: "We big." (30 seconds of applause.) "We bad." (1 minute of applause.) "And we kick ass whenever we want." (1 minute standing ovation.) "We're getting bigger." (10 second applause.) "But not by using steriods, because those are bad." (30 second applause.) "Countries I once called 'evil' I am now calling 'dangerous regimes'." (45 second applause and foot stomping.) "Weapons I once called 'illegal and massively destructive' I am now calling 'dangerous'." (30 seconds of joyous shouting.) "And we will find some in Iraq." (1 minute of Republicans mooning Democrats while slapping their butt cheeks.) "You, congress, are to blame for spending too much money." (30 seconds of the audience in the gallery throwing feces at the congressmen.) "Peace, prosperity, and good times ahead if I stay your president." (Republicans all hold hands in a manly way and sing the national anthem.) "Thank you and God bless America." (1 minute of "Hail Ceasar!" then Senator Kennedy is tossed into the air and used as a giant beachball to the amusement of all.)

That says it all. :)

Oh, and for some laughs, check out James Lilek's techno remix of Howard Dean's meltdown after the Iowa Caucus Here


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