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Here is an article that is very damning of John Kerry. It talks about how he was taking contributions from, and giving help to a Chinese spy (knowingly or unknowingly). Here is an excerpt:

In 1996, Senator John Kerry was locked in a hard-fought and close reelection campaign with Massachusetts Governor William Weld. Kerry was the policy wonk, noted for his expertise in international crime, arms and drug dealing, and intelligence. ... [Johnny] Chung gave $10,000 to Kerry's campaign -- most of it illegally -- hosted a fund-raising party in Beverly Hills, and threw in an extra $10,000 to honor Kerry at a Democratic Senate Campaign Committee event. Kerry eventually returned all the Chung money.
In return, Kerry opened a door for a friend of Chung: Liu Chaoying.

So the man who claims he opposes special interests and claims he can't be bought certainly seems available for rent when necessary. While helping contributors and friends of contributors happens all the time, seldom does one see a politician who participates so blatantly and then turn around and get so sanctimonious about it.

But Kerry's hypocrisy isn't really the story -- his bad judgment in his "friends" presents a clear danger to the US:

The woman, Liu Chao Ying, worked in high ranking positions for two companies responsible for brokering one of the biggest and most controversial arms sales of the 1990's -- a $300-million missile deal with Pakistan. The two companies were sanctioned by the United States for their deals with Pakistan. ...

No matter how you cut it, this is not someone I want to entrust our national security to.

NBC: Kerry Unwittingly Assisted Chinese Spy


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