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I have been seeing the subject of cloning and fetal research come up with more and more frequency. I'm not 100% percent sure how I feel about the subject yet, but I'm coming down on the side of being against it. My main reasoning is because I hold all human life to be special, not something to be used/abused. Here is another blogger's take on the subject from over at "McConchie on BioEthics":

From a utilitarian perspective, you can argue against killing human embryos for "therapy" or research as well. The argument goes as such:

1) The protected status of human beings is either absolute or subject to definition.
2) If it is absolute, then every individual human being, regardless of age or state in life, have the right to all the protections accorded to every other human being.
3) If it is subject to definition, then those who control the definition inevitably have life and death control over the rest--the strong are able to control and enslave the weak.
4) The only way to avoid granting such powers to the strong is to adopt an absolute standard of human protection from conception to natural death.

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