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With recent "peace" protests around the world, I thought it would be a good thing to take a look at what an Iraqi thinks about their "no war in iraq" and "war for oil slogans:

It’s very cozy and comfortable to drink the tea in the morning, getting out of your first-class houses, driving your fancy cars, speaking loudly against your governments, criticizing your prime ministers and presidents, saying “ I want this thing”, “ I don’t agree on this decision”, “ I hate Blair and Bush”…..etc.
Look you coddled pampered people… why don’t you want us to do what you’re doing now ? why don’t you want us to live like you ? Are you idiots? Selfish? Or what ?
You ‘protestors’ I’m sure you didn’t use your mind when you got out of your houses.. just let me tell you something: when you want to refuse something or say that’s wrong, first of all you should study the whole case and discuss it thoroughly before saying it’s wrong, and when you say it’s wrong, GIVE A PROPOSAL to solve the case, now when you said “ No war….” What is the right thing to do to get rid of Saddam and build democratic countries in the region? Tell me …

Otherwise, when you don’t know ANYTHING about Iraq and Iraqis do you know what to do? JUST SHUT UP and stay at home

For all those who say that the war on Iraq was wrong and G.W.Bush or T.Blair depended on wrong information and their intelligence agencies were misled cause it depended on faulty sources regarding WMD ..etc.
And also for those who emphasize that the war on Iraq was mainly because of WMD..
Just tell me what’s your ‘great idea’ that should have been used to get rid of Saddam and put an end to his regime? Or you think that you have nothing to do with Iraq and Iraqis? And you don’t care about their lives and the way they were living under Saddam?
Is it fair to leave people suffering and dying of hunger and oppression, those people who were tortured by monsters and you just stand and watch at them or think in a way to help them which will last for years to be carried out and I doubt if it would be.
If you have all the power to put an end to someone who torments millions of people, wouldn’t you help them? We lost innocent men, women and children, millions fled abroad, others left their schools and jobs cause they didn’t earn enough money to eat, millions were executed and then you say “ NO, leave them, we have nothing to do with all of that”.. !
I can’t cover all the complaints and sufferance of Iraqi people with a simple post….
It’s not fair to leave people under dictatorship and tyranny while others enjoy the democracy and freedom.



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