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John Kerry Fact Check:

OPINION: Kerry Claims No Nation Sending More Than 1,000 Troops To Iraq Other Than Britain. KERRY: "I believe that as long as you have what is almost solely an American occupation, 135,000 American troops, and no other country there with the exception of Great Britain exceeds a thousand, I believe. Somewhere in that vicinity. Many of them are under 500 many of them and many of them are not in combat." (Sen. John Kerry, Press Conference, 4/14/04)

FACT: In Addition To Britain, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, And The Netherlands Each Have More Than 1,000 Soldiers Serving In Iraq. As of April 9, troops from Poland (2,400), Ukraine (1,600) and Spain (1,300) serve in the South Central zone of Iraq, including Najaf and Karbala. Troops from Britain (9,000), Italy (3,000) and the Netherlands (1,100) serve in the Southern zone centered on Basra. In total, "coalition troops from 33 countries in Iraq are deployed in three zones under U.S., British and Polish command." ("Coalition Troop Deployment," United Press International, 4/9/04)


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