Christianity Illegal?

Posted by Peter

From Shot in the Dark and Chicago Boyz:

Christianity is now illegal - at least in Massachussetts.

Let the Chicago Boyz explain.

My inclination, as a Jacksonian American, is to say I don't give a s*** what they do or what they call it. And, in fact, I don't. However, by calling a homosexual union marriage, and making it a Constitutional right, the Massachusetts Supreme Court, and soon many like-minded courts around the country, are more or less intentionally making Christianity illegal. Repeat: Christianity is being made illegal. The teaching that homosexuality is a sin is embedded in Christianity. It is in the Pauline letters. There is no getting around it. I have heard the counter-arguments, and they don't cut any ice. The Christian teaching against homosexuality is organic, it was part and parcel of the attack on the pagan society of the Roman Empire and it is fundamental to the Christian conception of marriage and sexuality. So, again, if gay marriage is a Constitutional right, then anyone preaching the moral teaching of Christianity is committing a hate crime or otherwise attacking the exercise of a Constitutional right. I object to this as a Christian, obviously.

The Chicago Boyz may sound alarmist, but it was within the last year that a Christian pastor in Canada was charged with a hate crime for buying a newspaper ad that quoted some Bible verse about homosexuality.


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