RealClearPolitics Poll Average: Bush +1.5

Posted by Peter

The average of 3 of the latest polls shows that George Bush is up by 1.5 percent. Obviously its not much, but the polls are showing an upward trend for Bush. Things are looking up!

RCP Average 8/21 - 8/25 Bush: 46.3% Kerry: 44.8% Nader: 3.3%

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CNN: Bush holds slight lead in Electoral College

NEW YORK (CNN) -- President Bush heads into the Republican National Convention next week with a small lead over Democratic challenger John Kerry in the all-important Electoral College, according to a new CNN analysis of state polling, advertising buys and interviews with campaign strategists and neutral analysts.

Bush would receive 274 electoral votes to Kerry's 264 if the election were held today, less than 10 weeks before November 2 and three days before the opening of the GOP convention in Madison Square Garden. If Kerry were to pick up a state as small as Nevada, the electoral vote would be tied, throwing the election into the House of Representatives.


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