Are the CBS National Guard Documents Fake?

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Bush is being accused of not reporting for a physical, among other things, however, the memos that purport to bring this to light may be fakes..

UPDATE: (Hat tip INDC Journal)

Based on Powerline's suspicions of forgery over the documents put forth regarding George W. Bush’s National Guard service, I decided to do some legwork and track down the opinions of forensic document examiners that may have an expertise in old typefaces.

After contacting several experts, a rather notable Forensic Document Examiner named Dr. Philip Bouffard took the time to examine a pdf of the documents and perform an initial visual analysis of their authenticity.


I asked him to put a percentage on the chances that this was a fake, and he said that was "hard to put a number on it." I then suggested "90%?" Again he said it's "hard to put an exact number, but I'd say it's at least that high, sure. I pretty much agree that that font is Times New Roman."

Read the whole thing HERE


ABCNEWS Son of Late Officer Questions Bush Memos


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