Aron Ralston @ Barnes & Noble

Posted by Peter

Maria, her mother and I went to Barnes and Noble in Edina last night for the speech and book signing by Aron Ralston. You may have heard of Aron last year when his story came out in the press about his ordeal in Blue John Canyon, Utah.

He was on a hike in a slot canyon when his right arm became pinned by a large boulder. He was trapped. After 6 days of being stuck, in desperation he ended up having to cut off his own arm. Then, despite losing blood fast, he rappelled down a cliff the equivalent of a 7 story building, and hiked out 7 miles until he found help, and his salvation, in a rescue helicopter.

His story is a compelling one, and I urge you, if you haven't already, to read his book. Check out our auction for a signed copy if you're interested.

Halfway through Aron's story last night, Mom showed up to say hi. It was nice to see you mom!


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