MSNBC - Desperate days in Blue John Canyon - Aron Ralston

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On Friday my wife and I watched the story of Aron Ralston on Dateline NBC. You may remember Ralston from the news a few months ago when they talked about a hiker who had become trapped by a boulder, and cut off his own arm to escape.

Ralston talked with Tom Brokaw for the special, and related his story of survival and desperation. He told of how he was driven to escape the canyon, and how he summoned the strength and courage to get out after several days of captivity.

On the morning of his final day trapped inside the canyon, Ralston knew what he had to do to survive. He had to cut off his arm that was pinned by the heavy boulder.

That would be followed by a 65-foot rappel, and one more seemingly impossible task. With one arm, bleeding profusely, starved and dehydrated, close to shock, Ralston would have to hike seven miles out of the canyon in the direct midday sun. Then there would be an 800-foot vertical climb to the trailhead and his truck. The nearest hospital was a several hour drive.

As he summoned his strength for the seven-mile hike that lay ahead, rescuers were converging near his truck, at the Horseshoe Canyon trailhead.

I am in awe of this man's determination, and drive to live. My wife and I will be buying copies of his book and going to the book signing and question/answer session at the Barnes and Noble in Edina, MN this Friday. It will be at 7:30pm in case anyone reading this wants to attend. We'll try to get some pictures and post them later.

Read more of his story here:
MSNBC - Desperate days in Blue John Canyon


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