Democratic, Union Thugs Attack Bush/Cheney HQ in Minnesota

Posted by Peter

Captain's Quarters: "While Al Gore wails about 'digital brownshirts' who dare to write criticisms of the entrenched Left, the real variety of brownshirts have attacked Republican campaign offices across this country, shooting, stealing, and intimidating political volunteers in what certainly appears to be a coordinated effort to scare Republicans into silence. Michelle Malkin has compiled a list of attacks on GOP offices, including these:
* Orlando, FL - 2 GOP volunteers injured by AFL-CIO protestors storming the building
* Knoxville, TN - Gunmen shoot the windows out of Republican campaign office
* Gainesville, FL - Democratic activist punches GOP volunteer in the face
* Columbus, OH - A wounded soldier is assaulted by anti-war demonstrators
The Democrats not only seem to be losing their minds, they appear to be doing it on purpose. The latest example occured in St. Paul yesterday, in an office where I've done some volunteer service, when AFL-CIO goons barged into Republican HQ and commandeered the lobby and the building's intercom system to disrupt the work of Bush/Cheney volunteers:"

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