Going to the Vikings Practice!

Posted by Peter

I was just told by my boss this morning that all of the guys in my department get to go to the Minnesota Vikings practice today in Eden Prairie, MN. We'll have a catered lunch and get to watch the players as they gear up for their game against the Giants. Updates later with photos...


Ok, so the catered lunch turned out to be a bowl full of snack size bags of Doritos, and they didn't allow cameras into the practice. So no pictures.

We did get to watch an hour and a half of the Vikings practice though. Randy Moss wasn't doing too much, looks like he's still nursing his injured leg. He rode a stationary bike for a few minutes and then dressed in the locker room. The rest of the gang was looking pretty crisp though. Daunte was zipping passes into Campbell, Burleson and Robinson, and the defense was looking decent as well.

Kelly Campbell was the class clown today, showing off, and asking people on the sidelines to bring him a can of pop - or some Doritos. He was repeatedly told that we didn't have any pop. What a goof off.

After the practice Jerome Wiggins, the Vikings tight end, came over and signed autographs for a few minutes.. He seemed to be a pretty nice guy. Hopefully his Super Bowl ring will transfer to the Vikings this year.

All in all a fun afternoon - man are we going to cream the Giants this week!


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