Lawn Sign Theft

Posted by Peter

Kerry Spot

There are also sporadic reports of Kerry signs being stolen or defaced. If you are a Bush supporter, and you tear down Kerry signs, you are among the lamest human beings on the planet.
But so far, the majority of these cases ? and the ones involving the most disturbing details of bayonets, guns, fires, and swastikas ? are targeting Bush-Cheney signs.
There is, of course, a way to fight this.
And, coincidentally, it just happens to involve the primary sponsor of the Kerry Spot.
Are those of us ? left, right and center ? going to let a bunch of bullies push us around? In our homes, front lawns, and neighborhoods?
I quote the football coach in the movie, Rudy : "No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around."
Or, if you prefer the University of Maryland , WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!
In this case, "this house" means our right to publicly support the candidate of our choice. If somebody stole your sign, they're trying to send you a message ? that your voice shouldn't be heard, that their willingness to stroll onto your property break the law can trumps your First Amendment rights. Are you going to let those snot-nosed punks win?

As is noted in this above post, I think anyone who steals lawn signs from either side of the political spectrum is a complete moron. period. They can't win in the arena of ideas, so they try to keep you from expressing your first ammendment rights.

That said, I still think a majority of the more heinous acts (nazi symbols on lawns, swear words, epithets, vandalism, etc) are coming in from those on the left. I don't want anyone to think that I believe that average well meaning democrats are perpetrating these acts. I'm sure they're not. I do believe that the far left leaning element of the party that used to be fringe, but more and more seems to becoming the base of the party IS perpetrating many of these acts. As someone who has seen and experienced this attempt to violate my first ammendment rights first hand, I think it is just shameful.

Bush, Kerry signs can vanish as fast as they pop up


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