Democrats Gone Wild

Posted by Peter

"From the 'how desperate are they' file comes this from Colorado Springs:

The 96-Hour Victory Team had rented several vans in Colorado Springs for Tuesday's GOTV.

'They were all parked at the top level of the Kiowa St. parking garage near
Bush/Cheney-Pete Coors headquarters. I, along with a few others, had decorated
the vans with Bush/Cheney and Coors signs Friday night. They were left in those
spots as we went home, since it was after midnight. Apparently one of the vans
was not locked properly (we didn't go into the vans to decorate them; we just
taped signs onto the outside) and a group of socialist thugs stole it.

Thy drove it through one of the gates of Ft. Carson, the largest military
installation in town, and then set fire to the van.'"


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