La Shawn Barber's Corner ? When Worlds Collide

Posted by Peter

From La Shawn Barber's Corner:

The liberals’ worldview is under attack, and that worldview is just as precious to them as ours is to us. It’s almost cliche now, but liberals, who claim to be the voice of the people, are sadly out of touch with the people, as attested to by Bush’s 3.5 million-vote edge.

Mr. Bush, if you’re reading this blog, listen to the people. Think carefully about that edge and deliver for the voters who put you back in office. You can start by:

— Privatizing social security
— Putting pro-life judges on the bench
— Banning homosexual “marriage”
— Banning race preferences in public (government) hiring and college admissions
— Tightening the southern border and enforcing immigration law
— Balancing the budget
— Lowering taxes even more and cutting spending on wasteful programs
— Protecting the free speech rights of all Americans, including Americans who profess Christ
— Getting more aggressive in Iraq, finishing this war and bringing our troops home


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