The ransom of the red reporter

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Michelle Malkin: "

By Michelle Malkin

International furor over Giuliana Sgrena, an Italian communist writer who claims American troops in Iraq may have deliberately shot at her car after being released by kidnappers, misses the bigger scandal.

The scandal is not that an anti-war propagandist has accused the U.S. of targeting journalists. That's par for the course. (Yes, hello again, Eason Jordan.)

The scandal is not that mainstream media sympathizers are blaming our military and dredging up every last shooting accident along the treacherous routes to Baghdad Airport. Again, no surprise here.

The scandal is that Italy—our reputed ally in the global War on Terror — negotiated with Sgrena's Islamist kidnappers and may have forked over a massive ransom to cutthroats for Sgrena's release.

Where is the uproar over this Islamist insurgency subsidy plan?

I agree with this article in its entirety. We should be outraged that the Italian government is willing to subsidize the continuing terror attacks and murder in Iraq and elsewhere by paying off these scumbuckets. It only makes them more likely to do something like this in the future - don't they understand that?


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