Jihad begot the Crusades

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On the heels of the release of the new movie "Kingdom of Heaven", for which I was excited, I've began to hear some troubling things - mainly that the history behind the crusades has been glossed over. One thing that many of the reviewers have been saying is that the muslim Jihad is made to look as if it was merely waged in response to the Christian Crusades. The article linked below looks at that fallacies put forward by the movie in detail. Read the whole thing.http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif
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Anonymous   says 1:49 AM

ONE BIG SWEDE...could be Thomas but then again, it's clear as can be , it's Edward Meese and Dassault you're talking about, isn't it ?
And yet, Thomas, he was a part of it with his education and isolation and " cold intelligence".
No millionaire or billionaire but he certainly did travel and he had that life of care and consideration but he was not easily loved. Like many Swedes, he was born quite
" insensitive " ,unless it had to do with him, of course.
And then ,as time went on, he became quite " resentful".
Resentful that he was handsome, smart, upper middle
class and that he could not master his grandfather's mathematical gifts or his father's " chic" or legal mind.
But it all came together in " Rather Grim" I am told and that is very sad because he was clever enough to be anything like most of these brilliant students the mob ruined.
ONEBIGSWEDE,I wonder if he felt " great" for even a few years.
Maybe that was enough for him and his dreams of what he
wanted , or pretended to " bee".

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