Power Line: Senator Durbin's trifecta

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Power Line: Senator Durbin's trifecta

Earlier today Scott noted that Senator Durbin hit the 'mo' better metaphors' trifecta, managing to compare our practices at Guantanamo Bay with those of the Nazis, the Soviets, and the Khmer Rouge. Scott gave me credit for 'anticipat[ing] the rabid foaming at the mouth' of Durbin and his partner in defamation Senator Leahy. In fact, however, I never expected that any U.S. Senator would express such absurd sentiments. I didn't realize that leftist fever swamp extends so profoundly into the Senate.

Just for the record (as if that matters to the left) Rowan Scarborough in the Washington Times reminds us of the following:

Adolf Hitler - About 9 million dead
Soviet gulags - About 2.7 million dead
Pol Pot - About 1.7 million dead
Gitmo - zero dead
Gitmo - five instances of Koran abuse by prison guards
Gitmo-15 instances of Koran abuse by prisoners.


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