No Win Situation

Posted by Peter

What a commenter on Captain's Quarters Blog has to say about how this situation in New Orleans, and how it has become a tool of the left for political gain:

Remember the phrase - a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine!

Not this time.... The 'lack of planners' are using the media to blame the people who have come in to save their butts.

If you point out the true cause of the problem which caused the events of this week - you are a racists.

If you point out that Blanco never called up HER National Gaurd, you are covering for Bush.

If you ask why the New Orleans evacuation plan was not followed, you are a racists.

If you ask why the mayor was not spending his own shoe leather on the streets for 72 hours before the storm hit shore instead of mugging for cameras - you are a racist.

If you point out that Bush asked Blanco and Nagin to order a mandatory evacuation 48 hours before landfall, you are told Bush should have been there himself.

If the media shows the looting, dominated by African Americans, though 62% are AA in New Olreans, they are racist.

If you point out that the President was declaring an emergency, asking for evacualtions and provided up front money, you are told Bush is a racist.

If you point out that civilian Red Cross and FEMA are not going to go into an area like New Orleans was Tues - Friday because the locals have turned it into a war zone, you are told they would not go in because they are racist.

If you point out that the National Gaurd and Military support teams had to be totally reconfigured before they could be deployed thanks to the lack of planning and control at the state and local levels - you are told it is the Iraq War, not the locals fault.

If you point out that the military teams DID get there within 4 days of the largest hurricane in history and that is close to a record in any circumstances - you are told that they should have been there when it hit.

If you point out that the Navy was dispactched on Tuesday you are told they should of sat out the hurricane in the Gulf and been on site on Tuesday..

When Al Sharpton is confronted with the situation he claims that the looters are taxpayers and are due what is theirs. Hitachi TV's?

If you refer to the Army Corp of Engineers reports that state it will take 8 years to complete the entire analysis and design of a level 5 levee system and 30 years to completely construct it - you are told that Bush cut funding for the Iraq War in 2003 and that caused the levee to break.

If you point out that for the levees to meet level 5 standards today the proejct would have had to been approved in 1967, started on time, continually funded and been 100% on schedule and complete today- you are told Bush cut funding.

If you point out the 14 billion has been approved to recover and protect the wetland in Louisiana, another redirection of funds, you are told Bush cut funding.

If you remind people that the funds that they claim were cut would have been part of the 8 years of feasabilty studies, the envirmental impact studies, the EPA studies and to fight all the lawsuits against the project by special interest groups mostly located on the left of Howard Dean, you are told you want to kill animals, destroy the envinronment and murder seal turtles.


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