Do you have a leak in your sprinkler line?

Posted by Peter

leaky sprinkler line?, originally uploaded by onebigswede.

My wife and I just put in a new patio. In the process we now have discovered that there was a leaky sprinkler line in our yard (see picture). In case anyone needs to fix their own sprinkler line - here are some instructions i found online:

Sometimes you'll have PVC that's broken under the ground, especially in an irrigation system. And it's very simple to fix - it's very cheap, too.

What you need to do is identify where the break is - we're going to imagine there's a break somewhere in the line. You cut off both ends on either side of the break with your hacksaw. And then once you cut through it - it's very easy to cut - once you cut through it, you want to clean and sand the cut ends because you don't want any of what we call burrs to corrupt the seal.

What you'll then do is get a coupler, which is simply a tube which on both ends will slip over the PVC. And you want to make sure it fits properly first, what we call a dry fit. And then when it does, you're going to use some of the purple primer, which will ensure a good seal. And you simply dab this or swab it around the cut end as well as inside the coupler. And that just takes a moment to dry, but you want to make sure that it is dry before you proceed. And then you coat each part with PVC cement. And a good, liberal coating is best. Doesn't have to be neat; no one's ever going to see this. And if you miss a spot, you're right back where you started because you will have a leak. And while it's still wet, you want to join the two parts, and you will wipe off any excess. And you're done, and it will be sealed good as new.


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