$42 million later, 'Triple Espresso' franchise still the ticket

Posted by Peter

One of my favorite Twin Cities shows, 'Triple Espresso', will be ending next year. If you haven't already seen this comedy and variety show, do yourself a favor and buy yourself and a loved one a ticket now! You won't regret it!

After a Twin Cities run of a mere 12 years, "Triple Espresso" is closing in 2008, probably within the next few months. But Triple Espresso Inc., the parent company, will continue to operate.

You couldn't write a more improbable theater success story. Back in 1996, three local entertainers decided to cobble together a show for a performance in the fellowship hall of a suburban Presbyterian church. Each contributed some shtick.

Michael Pearce Donley could do a dead-on impersonation of an unctuous lounge-act pianist. Bill Arnold had a magic act where he was deliberately inept and deadpan defensive about it. Bob Stromberg could do a madcap vaudeville clown in the grand tradition of Red Skelton.