Free Stuff: Revolution Money Exchange $25 signup bonus

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UPDATE: This offer has been extended until March 31st. Email me now to get your referral link!

This past week I signed up for a new money transfer service, Revolution Money Exchange. Revolution Money Exchange is a money tranfer service along the lines of a which allows you to send and receive funds online instantly to other registered users. The service is easy to use, and unlike PayPal it doesn't cost a dime to send or receive funds.

From now until March 31st, if you sign up for a new account for Revolution Money Exchange, you'll also get a $25 sign up bonus. If you send me your email address I'll also get a $10 referral bonus when you sign up with that address. (If you don't want to do that, that's fine, but I would appreciate it!)

To get your signup link just leave your email in the comments or email me at peter at I'll send you a link to signup for the account and the $25 bonus.

I signed up for and received my $25 bonus almost instantly. I transferred it directly to my local checking account. Free money - can't beat that!

Revolution Money Exchange