San Francisco Homeless

Posted by Peter

I just got back from a trip to San Francisco on Wednesday. While we were there we encountered quite a large number of homeless people living on the street. Most of the ones we met walked the streets with a tin can (for your spare change) and a cardboard plaque detailing their problems and a plea for your cash. I gave money to a couple of people, but a couple of the cardboard signs gave me more of a chuckle than the others.

One homeless man in a wheelchair had a sign that won points with me for its creativity. It read:

Family kidnapped by ninjas. Need money for Karate lessons.
Another one was more upfront about what the money would be used for:
Need cash for weed.
In trying to find a photo for this post I realized that these guys weren't as creative as I thought - it turns out these same signs pop up all over the place - there seems to be quite the industry in creating these begging signs. The photos shown in the post above are of OTHER street people using the same signs. Go figure.

One man was more creative about how he got his money instead of just using a pre-made sign. Instead of just holding a cardboard sign, he got two large branches from a tree or bush, and then sat on a busy street, hiding behind the branches. When someone walked by he would jump out and scare them. It was like watching candid camera in person. The crowds loved it, and everyone was howling with laughter. The man, who was called the "Bushman", would run around with his tin can after a few successful scares, and collect his ransom. Seems he is a bit famous - read more about him at the link above. Funny stuff.