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Here's a review of the new Mel Gibson movie that is a bit more friendly towards the film.

Mel Gibson's Passion - by David Horowitz

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Here's a great story about George W. Bush, one of our greatest presidents:

At Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC recently
the Sergeant Major of the Army Jack Tilley was with a group
of people visiting the wounded soldiers.

He saw a Special Forces soldier who had lost his right hand
and suffered severe wounds of his face and side of his body.

The SMA wanted to honor him and show him respect
without offending, but what can you say or do in such
a situation that will encourage and uplift?

How do you shake the right hand of a soldier who has none?
He decided to act as though the hand was not missing and
gripped the soldiers wrist while speaking words of comfort and
to him.

But there was another man in that group of visitors who had even brought
wife with him to visit the wounded who knew exactly
what to do.

This man reverently took the soldiers stump of a hand in both of his
bowed at the bedside and prayed for him. When he finished the prayer he stood up, bent over the soldier and kissed him on the head and told him that he loved him.

What a powerful expression of love for one of our wounded heroes!
And what a beautiful Christlike example!
What kind of a man would do such a thing ?

It was the wounded man’s Commander-in-Chief,
George W. Bush; President of the United States.

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Mel Gibson's controversial new movie, "The Passion" now has movie trailers at their website. Check them out at:

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I have found it quite disturbing how the Church in America has taken a left turn in recent years, allowing such things as gay marriage, adultery, etc. To me this is about as unchristian as you can get. I do believe it is wrong for a person to discriminate against someone in the secular world, but to ordain homosexual pastors and bishops in the church is a huge problem. This article talks about it a bit more in depth.

Two Kinds of Christianity

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Baghdad's curfew was broken by the crackle of gunfire as word spread last night that Saddam's hated sons had been killed.

"It's a celebration, people have heard about what happened," a US military spokesman said.

Wild celebrations in Baghdad

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There is breaking news today that the US may have killled Sadam's two sons, Uday and Qusay. If it is in fact true, it will be a great day for Iraq. Here are some articles talking about the events -

Iraqis rejoice at possible death of Saddam's sons

U.S. Commander Is Certain Hussein's Sons Were Killed

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Here's a weird story of a hockey player who disappeared in 1989. His frozen body was just discovered in the Austrian Alps.

Body of Ex-NHL 1st-Round Draft Pick Found

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One in the hubcap is worth two in the bush....

Today Maria put a slightly different twist on this old saying....

Maria was driving back to work after going home for lunch. While driving she heard a THUMP THUMP THUMP sound coming from her tire. Thinking that her tire was going flat, she was concerned, but decided to drive the rest of the way to work since the tire didn't seem to be completely flat. She got to work and discovered the source of the thumping sound. It appeared to be a rope of some sort dangling out of a hole in the hubcap on her tire. She went to pull the rope out of the hubcap when she realized, horror stricken, what the "rope" actually was. It was a SNAKE!

Maria was too horrified to actually remove the snake herself (understandably), and so she drove all the way home with that sickening THUMP THUMP THUMP noise in the background. When I got home I jacked up the car, took the wheel off, and surgically extracted the snake.. Wow, that sure gave me the willies.. ewww.

pictures of our slithering friend to follow - >

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Remember that Star Wars Kid video? Well, here's a website that has a bunch of different versions of that video..:

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Document links Saddam, bin Laden

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Here is another Iraqi Blog, this one by a woman in Basra. Very interesting to hear another person's view of the world.

Ishtar Talking

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Weird moment of the day:

Lightning Strikes Preacher Who Asked For Sign

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Maria and I went up to Hayward, WI to the parent's cabin on Round Lake. It was a beautiful weekend up there, and we had a great time fishing, going to flea markets, eating at the original Famous Dave's restaurant, and watching fireworks on the 4th at the Casino. And the sunsets both nights were beautiful! Here's one of them!

I just love going up to their cabin because it is so peaceful, their cabin home on the little bay is so perfect, the water is always calm, and there's not a lot of boat traffic always zooming by (no wake area). It sounds like they'll be putting the place up for sale soon, which is too bad because this place is really such a beautiful retreat. They're talking about getting another cabin closer to the cities, but I'm not sure if they'll ever get anything quite as beautiful as their current place. Oh well!

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Liberal damage to black America is enormous