So they found a Sarin shell?

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The elite media have all but ignored the Sarin shell that was found in Iraq, along with the Mustard gas shell found a couple of weeks ago. Their refusal to report any of this borders on the absurd..

From James Lileks:

So they found a sarin shell? Eh. Halliburton put it there, it was old, and besides everyone knew Saddam had WMD, and we gave him the sarin anyway, and it would be news if we found 400 shells, but if they were old undeclared shells they wouldn’t count because they weren’t a threat to us anyway – do you know that most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi? Why aren’t we invading them? Not that we should, that would TOTALLY be about oil, anyway , did you read Doonesbury today? He had this giant hand talking in a press conference. This big giant floating hand. I think it was a reprint. I like when he has that bald dude who’s in charge of some Iraqi city. Bald dude is like, wasted.

Christianity Illegal?

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From Shot in the Dark and Chicago Boyz:

Christianity is now illegal - at least in Massachussetts.

Let the Chicago Boyz explain.

My inclination, as a Jacksonian American, is to say I don't give a s*** what they do or what they call it. And, in fact, I don't. However, by calling a homosexual union marriage, and making it a Constitutional right, the Massachusetts Supreme Court, and soon many like-minded courts around the country, are more or less intentionally making Christianity illegal. Repeat: Christianity is being made illegal. The teaching that homosexuality is a sin is embedded in Christianity. It is in the Pauline letters. There is no getting around it. I have heard the counter-arguments, and they don't cut any ice. The Christian teaching against homosexuality is organic, it was part and parcel of the attack on the pagan society of the Roman Empire and it is fundamental to the Christian conception of marriage and sexuality. So, again, if gay marriage is a Constitutional right, then anyone preaching the moral teaching of Christianity is committing a hate crime or otherwise attacking the exercise of a Constitutional right. I object to this as a Christian, obviously.

The Chicago Boyz may sound alarmist, but it was within the last year that a Christian pastor in Canada was charged with a hate crime for buying a newspaper ad that quoted some Bible verse about homosexuality.

WMD still on the table?

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Captain Ed over at captain's quarters has a great post talking about the discovery in Iraq of an artillery shell containing Sarin, and another one in recent weeks containing mustard gas. Sounds like the WMD debate is till open - not a closed book after all?

Captain's Quarters Blog

Want a Different Abu Ghraib Story? Try This One

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After a couple of weeks of bad news of horrible things happening in Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq, some good news is sorely needed. Here is a story of a something positive that has happened since we've been there.

Want a Different Abu Ghraib Story? Try This One

The Sacred Muslim Practice of Beheading

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After Nick Berg, a Jewish-American businessman, was beheaded last week, there was an outcry of disbelief, and repulsion of how this man had been slaughtered. Many of you have seen the video of him screaming as he was ritually beheaded.

Many stated disbelief that this could ever happen in the world today, and that it was against the 'true teachings of Islam'. The article below by Andrew G. Bostom on talks about how beheading is actually a practice sanctioned by much of Islamic tradition and law. An interesting read - and an important one in my estimation. As long as we continue to mis-represent how much of the Muslim world feels about incidents like this, the longer we will suffer.

Beheading in Muslim tradition

Mother's day!

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We had some bad weather today, including a couple of tornado touchdowns.. It sure made for some great photos!

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Oy vey - i turn 28 today. very scary - only 2 more years til the big three O. 30...yikes.

Why I love our President - Moments like this:

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With all the bad news in the last few days, its easy to get caught up and feel a bit sick and hopeless. But when I hear stories like this about our president, it makes me hopeful - read on:

In a moment largely unnoticed by the throngs of people in Lebanon waiting for autographs from the president of the United States, George W. Bush stopped to hold a teenager's head close to his heart.

Lynn Faulkner, his daughter, Ashley, and their neighbor, Linda Prince, eagerly waited to shake the president's hand Tuesday at the Golden Lamb Inn. He worked the line at a steady campaign pace, smiling, nodding and signing autographs until Prince spoke:

"This girl lost her mom in the World Trade Center on 9-11."

Bush stopped and turned back.

"He changed from being the leader of the free world to being a father, a husband and a man," Faulkner said. "He looked right at her and said, 'How are you doing?' He reached out with his hand and pulled her into his chest."

Faulkner snapped one frame with his camera.

"I could hear her say, 'I'm OK,' " he said. "That's more emotion than she has shown in 21/2 years. Then he said, 'I can see you have a father who loves you very much.' "

"And I said, 'I do, Mr. President, but I miss her mother every day.' It was a special moment."

Special for Lynn Faulkner because the Golden Lamb was the place he and his wife, Wendy Faulkner, celebrated their anniversary every year until she died in the south tower of the World Trade Center, where she had traveled for business.

The day was also special for Ashley, a 15-year-old Mason High School student, because the visit was reminiscent of a trip she took four years ago with her mother and Prince. They spent all afternoon in the rain waiting to see Bush on the campaign trail. Ashley remembers holding her mother's hand, eating Triscuits she packed and bringing along a book in case she got bored.

But this time was different. She understood what the president was saying, and she got close enough to see him face to face.

"The way he was holding me, with my head against his chest, it felt like he was trying to protect me," Ashley said. "I thought, 'Here is the most powerful guy in the world, and he wants to make sure I'm safe.' I definitely had a couple of tears in my eyes, which is pretty unusual for me."

The photo has been circulating across the country, Faulkner said. Relatives have passed it on to friends, bosses and acquaintances. As they tell the story, they also share in Wendy Faulkner's legacy, which her family continues through the Wendy Faulkner Memorial Children's Foundation.

"I'm a pretty cynical and jaded guy at this point in my life," Faulkner said of the moment with the president. "But this was the real deal. I was really impressed. It was genuine and from the heart."

John Kerry's Purple Heart #1 - shot himself?

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John Kerry is so proudof his 3 Purple hearts, and deservedly so. But now, the doctor who treated Kerry for wound #1 has come forward and the story he tells is an interesting one.. Did John Kerry receive fragments from a mortar he shot himself?

I have a very clear memory of an incident which occurred while I was the Medical Officer at Naval Support Facility, Cam Ranh Bay.
John Kerry was a (jg), the OinC or skipper of a Swift boat, newly arrived in Vietnam. On the night of December 2, he was on patrol north of Cam Ranh, up near Nha Trang area. The next day he came to sick bay, the medical facility, for treatment of a wound that had occurred that night.

The story he told was different from what his crewmen had to say about that night. According to Kerry, they had been engaged in a fire fight, receiving small arms fire from on shore. He said that his injury resulted from this enemy action.

Some of his crew confided that they did not receive any fire from shore, but that Kerry had fired a mortar round at close range to some rocks on shore. The crewman thought that the injury was caused by a fragment ricocheting from that mortar round when it struck the rocks.

That seemed to fit the injury which I treated.

What I saw was a small piece of metal sticking very superficially in the skin of Kerry's arm. The metal fragment measured about 1 cm. in length and was about 2 or 3 mm in diameter. It certainly did not look like a round from a rifle.

I simply removed the piece of metal by lifting it out of the skin with forceps. I doubt that it penetrated more than 3 or 4 mm. It did not require probing to find it, did not require any anesthesia to remove it, and did not require any sutures to close the wound.

The wound was covered with a bandaid.

Not [sic] other injuries were reported and I do not recall that there was any reported damage to the boat.

More Here

Kerry Unfit for Presidency

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Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief', Say Former Military Colleagues