Pisa, Italy - Leaning Tower

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Pisa, Italy, originally uploaded by onebigswede.

Skil Saw Giveaway On One Project Closer!

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I was reading one of my favorite home improvement blogs the other day, when they announced that they were doing another great giveaway (they do that sort of thing all the time!) What were they giving away this time? A Skil Cordless Lithium Ion Power Cutter!

One of the ways you could enter the contest was to write a post about it on your own blog, telling what you would do with the power cutter, and agree to review it if you won. So... here is what I would do if I won the Skil Cordless Lithium Ion Power Cutter:

  • Use it to open packages: I get a lot of packages from Amazon, from authors wanting me to review books on my other blog, etc. The power cutter would be perfect for opening these types of packages.
  • Use it to trim branches: We live in a neighborhood with an association, so we don't do a lot of yardwork, but occasionally we want to trim a branch here or there. This would do the job nicely.
  • Use it to trim PVC Piping: I've been building things like a small photo light box with PVC piping lately. This would be great to cut the pipe to length.
  • Scrapbooking: My wife can use it to cut things to length for her scrapbooking sessions with friends!

Ok so there are just a few of the myriad of uses I could find for this great product! Now, i just hope I win! Enter yourself here!

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

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Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy, originally uploaded by onebigswede.