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8 European countries stated their intentions to get behind the U.S. if war is declared on Iraq. We still have a ways to go with France, Germany and Canada, "the axis of weasel". The way things are going you would think Iraq would have to drop a nuclear bomb on one of our cities before they would join the coalition.

Europe and America must stand united

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I am very glad to have a president who shares my faith in Jesus Christ in the White House. President Bush again last night in his state of the union address referred to his faith several times. Near the end he invoked memories of Lincoln when he said:

"We do not claim to know all the ways of Providence, yet we can trust in them, placing our confidence in the loving God behind all of life, and all of history."

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Some Quotes from President Bush's State of the union speech last night:

"The course of this nation does not depend on the decisions of others..."

"And tonight I have a message for the brave and oppressed people of Iraq: Your enemy is not surrounding your country--your enemy is ruling your country."

"America is a strong Nation, and honorable in the use of our strength. We exercise power without conquest, and sacrifice for the liberty of strangers."

"Americans are a free people, who know that freedom is the right of every person and the future of every nation. The liberty we prize is not America’s gift to the world, it is God’s gift to humanity."

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I read this on someone else's signature tag on the web today:

We are born naked, wet, and hungry. Then things get worse.

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This is an interesting article talking about how evolutionary theory can lead to racist thought. It makes some points I hadn't thought about before, it's worth a once over:

The Fallacy of Racism

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I lifted weights for the upper body last night. I was motivated for it after watching fear factor and seeing 4-5 people not having enough upper body strength to go across some monkey bars turning in a circle.. I told myself.. I'll work out now so that I can be on fear factor some day!! Yeah right, no thanks, I'd rather not have to eat duck fetus or horse rectum..

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Movie Review of the Day

Mom and dad were over at our townhouse last night, and we watched a really good movie. We watched Disney's "The Rookie" with Dennis Quaid. For those of you who don't know, "The Rookie" is about a 36 yr old high school baseball coach and science teacher who, beyond all odds, lives out his dream to pitch in the major leagues. The movie was heartwarming and fun, and best of all, it was based on a true story! It was also cool to watch the making of the movie where they interviewed the man that the movie is based on, and talked to those who were there when it happened.

It's nice to see such a positive movie in this day and age, one that focuses on the good things in life. Out of a possible 10 stars, I give it an 8

The Rookie
8 Stars

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Well the last two nights I have excercised, doing my lower body weights and running last night. Maria has decided to start something akin to the Atkins diet now, so there will be no carbs available at our house from here on in. Oh how I'll miss those delicious carbs..!

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Well i missed working out last night so I decided to make it my night off this week. I'll be working out later this afternoon for my lower body.

In the game America's Army, I finally got through sniper training last night, so I can finally be a sniper in the game.. I was so excited! It took me so long to get that far. (I know, its just a game).

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I went running again last night, and it seems like running is slowly starting to get easier, I'm not as short of breath. Also I'm actually able to do the whole workout. So that is encouraging for me. Tonight I lift weights for the lower body.. I'm pretty sore, but I gotta keep at it!

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Today's picture of the day is another fisheye photo... this is turning into a sunrise sunset series..:

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I took today's picture of the day with my new fisheye lens on my Nikon 775 Digital Camera. It is of a sunrise one day last week. Ahhhh....the promise of a new day.

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Well it looks like Iraq has been caught in their deception. UN inspectors today uncovered 12 empty chemical warheads in excellent condition. These weapons were not declared in Iraq's declaration. Could this be the "material breach" that could lead to war?

Click here for the whole story

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I lifted weights last night and really pushed it to the limit. Today my muscles are throbbing, and crying for mercy. I must be doing something right! That's two days in a row that i've excercised. Tonight makes it three..

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Well, I've been doing the Body For Life program again for about a week and a half. So far I'm doing so-so at it. I've missed a few days of running/lifting weights (2 so far), but I'm energized and determined to stick to it this time. Over the weekend I was just not motivated at all to get my workouts done, and because of it I missed those two days that I should have been working out on Saturday and Monday. But I went running last night, and will lift weights for the upper body tonight. So I'm back on track!

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I found this story on Fox News about how the Democrats are going to obstruct President Bush's judicial picks again this year. They don't have any real reasons for denying these nominees except that they don't agree with their politics. We'll see if they're able to get away with it this year.

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Over the weekend I joined a squad of Christian men for the game America's Army: Operations. The group is called "Men of God" and they are a bunch of christian guys who like gaming, while at the same time setting a good example and spreading Christ through that channel. Its been neat to see already people asking me online about what my game tag "MoG" means, and how it opens an avenue to witness online. In any event I'm pretty excited to begin playing the game with my squad, and will update here on how things are going.

By the way, my in game tag is MoG_StPeter, so I hope to see you online!

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Town Talk Diner

In high school we used to skip 1st hour and go to the Town Talk Diner in Minneapolis. They have the best pancakes I've ever had, and two 40 something waitresses with the darkest tans you've ever seen. Ah, good memories.

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Well its now Friday and I've excercise per Body For Life every day this week except for Wednesday. Last night i went running in the hurricane force winds by our house and tonight I'll be lifting weights for my lower body. I'm beginning to look forward to working out, I feel so much healthier when I do. Here's my current stats as of this morning:

223.5 pounds
24% body fat
1 BIG Spare tire

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I was watching the Today Show this morning and Tom Daschle was once again complaining about Bush's Tax cuts for "the rich". What he doesn't say is that when the rich are paying most of the taxes to begin with, they are the ones to be getting most of the relief. This article on talked about just that:The Bush Tax Cut Program – Feeding the Goose …

Some numbers they posted:

Who pays income taxes? According to the IRS, using figures from the year 2000:

The top 1%: those with Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of more than $313,469 pay 37.42 percent of all income tax collected.

The top 5%: Those with an AGI of $128,336 pay 56.47 percent of all taxes.

The top 10%: Those who earn $92,144 or more pay 67.33 percent.

The top 25%: Those with an AGI of $55,225 or more pay 84.01 percent.

The top 50%: Those earning $27,682 or more pay 96.09 percent.

The bottom 50%: Those with and AGI of less than $27,682 pay a mere 3.91 percent of all taxes.

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Maria and I went to dinner with our friends Nate and Tiffany, Virginia, Emily and Cassie last night at the Outback Steakouse in Eden Prairie. We had a really good time, and the food was good as usual. I had the Alice Springs Chicken which was delicious, however, it had a lot of cheese and bacon on it (probably not the greatest for my diet). Afterwards we went Emily's house where we played pool, talked and played Catch Phrase.

When we got home I stuck to my workout plan and did my lower body weight lifting. My legs are a bit sore today, but not as bad as my arms were the last couple of days. So I'm still on track! Tonight I will go running for my aerobic excercise. Gotta keep it going!

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Well its a new year, and I've decided to try and drop a few pounds (more like 25). A year or two ago I was at 230 lbs. and I lost almost 30 pounds doing the Body For Life System. Basically what that involves is eating healthier, and excercising 6 days a week. You alternate between lifting weights and aerobic excercise. To find out more go to

I started doing the system again on Saturday, and I've done it for 2 days now. We'll see how well I'm able to stay with the plan. I started with upper body weight lifting, and yesterday I ran a couple of miles. Tonight i lift weights for the lower body. I can't wait! My upper body is so sore after lifting on Saturday, I almost can't lift my arm above my head. I guess that means its working right?

I'll update on this site throughout the process to let you know how its going. Here are my current stats:

226 pounds
25% body fat
1 BIG Spare tire

Hopefully it will change and in a few months you'll see:

200 pounds
10-15% body fat
Rock hard abs

It remains to be seen. Wish me luck!

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I've been having a lot of fun lately playing

America's Army: Operations

America's Army: Operations is a great military first person shooter from the U.S. Army. It was developed for the Army as a recruiting tool, and you can download it for free from their website. It is one of the best games out there right now, and you can't beat the price, especially when most other similar games are 40-50 dollars. Be careful though, the game can be addicting, I am finding that I can't help but log into the game when I have free time, whenever that may be.

Check out my stats by clicking HERE

Here's my signature tag on their website:

Check it out!

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The funeral was short and COLD. yesterday at the snelling cemetary. Here is a picture of some of the tombstones.

Strangely enough I find cemetaries to be very interesting places. It's interesting to think about all the people buried there, what they may have done, why they died, if they still have family living, and so on. For example, William Meyer, who's tombstone shows in this picture.

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Maria and I are going to the funeral of her Uncle Bob today at Fort Snelling National Cemetary. He'll be having the 21 gun salute at the burial which I'm sure will bring back memories of when my grandpa was buried. I remember crying at that part of the ceremony, and I just hope I don't lose it today.

We went to Bob's wake last night which was subdued, but nice. He had already been cremated and his remains were in an old jewelry box that he loved. Since I didn't know Bob very well it was nice to see all of the pictures that they had up around the funeral home of him when he was younger, with his kids, etc. It really helped him to come alive and be more of a real person to me. God rest your soul Bob, we'll see you in heaven!

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It is now the year 2003! Another year gone, and so many things have happened. I have gotten married, my uncle Matt and Janelle were married, and there have been several deaths in the family. To say the least it has been an eventful year. The marriages were a blessing, but for the rest of things, whats the old saying, "its a curse to live in interesting times"?

On the front of politics, I was happy to see the house/senate both return to republican control this year I can only hope that with the new leadership of Bill Frist in the Senate that the GOP will be able to get some things done. In my opinion Trent Lott was bound to give too much away to the DFL and his stepping down was a blessing in disguise.

It seems that Bill Frist is something of a hero now too! He was driving down the highway this New Years, saw an accident, and stopped to help. Seems he may have helped save some lives. To say the least, this can't help but help the GOP in a time when they need some good news. For the story, CLICK HERE