Kerry @ Nasa

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Judging from the pictures, I don't think John Kerry takes NASA very seriously..

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Joe Wilson Lied - But No Coverage!

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When Joe Wilson started his barrage of media appearances accusing the Bush administration of lying, and lining his pockets in the process, the media was more than happy to aid him in his goal. Now that he has been exposed, there have been next to no stories about his having been outed. Click here to read more on this story:

Graph Showing number of media stories about the scandal

Consumer Confidence Hits Two-Year High

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We keep hearing from the Democrats how the economy is in such rough shape, that we've lost so many jobs, etc, etc. Well today we had more good news for the New York based research group - Conference Board:

Consumer confidence rose for the fourth straight month in July thanks to steady improvements in the job market, the Conference Board reported Tuesday, putting the indicator at a two-year high.

The New York-based research group reported that its index for consumer confidence rose to 106.1 in July, up from 102.8 in June and well ahead of the figure of 102.0 that investors had been expecting. It was the highest level for the indicator since June 2002.

The good news continues for Bush!

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SEIU Chief Says the Democrats Lack Fresh Ideas

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From The Washington Post
July 27, 2004

Breaking sharply with the enforced harmony of the Democratic National Convention, the president of the largest AFL-CIO union said Monday that both organized labor and the Democratic Party might be better off in the long run if Sen. John F. Kerry loses the election.

Andrew L. Stern, the head of the 1.6 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), said in an interview with The Washington Post that both the party and its longtime ally, the labor movement, are "in deep crisis," devoid of new ideas and working with archaic structures.

Stern argued that Kerry's election might stifle needed reform within the party and the labor movement. …

Asked whether if Kerry became president it would help or hurt those internal party deliberations, Stern said, "I think it hurts."

Stern's dissatisfaction with the AFL-CIO and the Democratic Party is not new, but his decision to voice his frustration on the opening day of a carefully scripted convention was an unwelcome surprise to Kerry's convention managers, who had been proclaiming their delight at the absence of any internal conflicts.

Speaking of the effort to create new political and union organizations, Stern said, "I don't know if it would survive with a Democratic president," because Kerry, like former president Bill Clinton, would use the party for his own political benefit and labor leaders would become partners of the new establishment.

"It is a hollow party," Stern said, adding that "if John Kerry becomes president, it hurts" chances of reforming the Democrats and organized labor. …

Stern made it clear that his complaints long preceded Kerry's nomination. He said that when Clinton was president, he demonstrated how little he cared for the Democratic Party. Calling the former president "the greatest fundraiser of his time," Stern asked: "If you think the Democratic Party is valuable, why would you leave it bankrupt?" … [H]e said, adding that if Kerry is elected "he would smother" any effort to give it more intellectual heft and organizational muscle. …

But Stern complained that motivating blue-collar families who have not voted in the past is being impeded because Kerry and the Democrats have declined to address what he calls "the Wal-Mart economy," a system in which he says employers deliberately keep wages so low and hours so short that workers are forced to turn to state Medicaid programs for their families' health care.

He also criticized what he called the vagueness of the Democratic platform on trade issues. …

He said he is convinced from his experience in the civil rights movement that "pressure is needed" to bring about real change. "It was not enough to have Martin Luther King Jr.," Stern said. "You needed Stokely Carmichael" to raise the threat of disruption unless demands were met. Carmichael was the flamboyant civil rights activist known for coining the term "black power." …

Bush up in latest polling

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The latest poll from ABC and the Washington Post has Bush leading Kerry in a 3 way race. It seems that Kerry is losing momentum just when he'd like to be gaining it:

The bottom line has shifted only very subtly. Head-to-head, the Massachuestts senator has slipped from a slight lead in late June to a dead heat today, with 49 percent support for Bush and 48 percent for Kerry among registered voters. Including Ralph Nader, it's 48 percent-46 percent-3 percent.


Bush Vs. Kerry

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here's a funny cartoon that was on the tonight show tonight..

very funny - taking jabs at both sides - democrat and republican

nuclear weapons in iraq?

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let's certainly hope that it is true, and that they're the only ones:

Nuclear arms reportedly found in Iraq

UPDATE: Apparently this story didn't turn out to be true - although Bush still had plenty of reason to go to war in Iraq..

40 Reasons To Vote For George Bush Or Against John Kerry

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