Norm Coleman - Kofi Annan Must Go

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"It's time for U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to resign.

Over the past seven months, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which I chair, has conducted an exhaustive, bipartisan investigation into the scandal surrounding the U.N. Oil-for-Food program. That noble program was established by the U.N. to ease the suffering of the Iraqi people, then languishing under Saddam Hussein's ironfisted rule, as well as the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq by the U.N. after the first Gulf War. While sanctions were designed to instigate the removal of Saddam from power, or at least render him impotent, the Oil-for-Food program was designed to support the Iraqi people with food and other humanitarian aid under the watchful eye of the U.N.
[Kofi Annan]

Our Investigative Subcommittee has gathered overwhelming evidence that Saddam turned this program on its head. Rather than erode his grip on power, the program was manipulated by Saddam to line his own pockets and actually strengthen his position at the expense of the Iraqi people. At our hearing on Nov. 15, we presented evidence that Saddam accumulated more than $21 billion through abuses of the Oil-for-Food program and U.N. sanctions. We continue to amass evidence that he used the overt support of prominent members of the U.N., such as France and Russia, along with numerous foreign officials, companies and possibly even senior U.N. officials, to exploit the program to his advantage. We have obtained evidence that indicates that Saddam doled out lucrative oil allotments to foreign officials, sympathetic journalists and even one senior U.N. official, in order to undermine international support for sanctions. In addition, we are gathering evidence that Saddam gave hundreds of thousands -- maybe even millions -- of Oil-for-Food dollars to terrorists and terrorist organizations. All of this occurred under the supposedly vigilant eye of the U.N."

Read the whole thing.

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Light painting - our Christmas Tree

RIP Lance Cpl. Dimitrios Gavriel

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The New York Observer

It was that same love of a challenge—combined with a fiery patriotism and a desire to take action after the death of two friends on Sept. 11, 2001—that prompted Mr. Gavriel to enlist in the Marines in October 2003. Last Thursday, Nov. 18, Lance Cpl. Dimitrios Gavriel was killed during a battle in Falluja. His family said he was awarded two Purple Hearts on Tuesday, Nov. 23.

UN not serious with investigations

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Friends of Saddam:

"A private intelligence firm hired by the United Nations to look into corruption in the oil-for-food program provided valuable leads to U.N. investigators, but they were ignored, the company's director says.
'We found it extremely frustrating to be in a position where we could do something significant to dramatically assist the investigation into the oil-for-food fraud and not be allowed to proceed,' said Derek Baldwin, director of operations for IBIS Risk Management Services Inc.
'As an experienced investigator, it became clear to me that the U.N. is failing to act on the leads and intel streams developed by us in specific areas where we were asked to develop leads and intel streams,' said Mr. Baldwin, a fraud investigator and former intelligence official. 'That is inexplicable.' "

A look at Yasser Arafat - Terrorist

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Andrew McCarthy looks at the real Yasser Arafat that seems to be lost in the media coverage of his death - the cold blooded killer.

Andrew C. McCarthy on Yasser Arafat

While Arafat's mantel as the "Father of Palestine" is dubious given that he is singularly responsible for the failure of a Palestinian nation to emerge, his credentials as the "Father of Modern Terrorism" are solid. In the late 1950's, he co-founded Fatah, the "Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine." His m├ętier, and thus Fatah's, was the sneak attack on soft Israeli targets, the better to maximize carnage and fear. The first efforts were ham-handed: failed attempts in 1965 to bomb the national water carrier and the railroad. But the organization soon hit its stride, successfully attacking villages and civilian infrastructure. By 1969, Arafat was the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the umbrella group he never ceased to dominate after merging Fatah into it a year earlier. The PLO had a single purpose: the destruction of Israel.

Read the whole thing.

Kofi Annan Praised Arafat

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Are you kidding me?:

Everything I Know Is Wrong: Kofi Annan Praised Arafat:

"This tells you everything you need to know about the UN.
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan praised Arafat's struggle to win international recognition for the Palestinian cause, as he ordered flags to fly at half-mast at the United Nations"

Good News Being Spread in Iraq: Heroes of the faith

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Last Sunday my wife and I attended services at Grace Church of Eden Prairie. We went there to go to the church's missions festival, and to hear from some of the church's missionaries from overseas who were there to speak.

The one that held my attention the most was Ghassan Thomas, a Christian pastor from Iraq. He spoke in Arabic, and was translated by another Christian missionary from Jordan (despite the fact that he spoke very good English). Despite the fact that we had to wait for the translation of the story, he had an amazing and riveting story to tell.

During Saddam Hussein's reign, Ghassan was there, spreading the gospel even though Saddam's regime did not allow new denominations to be established. He established a kindergarten through which they could evangelize. In his own words, "I was involved in an indirect ministry through the kindergarten, as I did not get permission to officially operate and evangelize. However people soon came to me and said: "this is like a church.""

After a while he was marked for death by Saddam's regime because of his evangelism, and he his family escaped to Jordan. When the Americans finally liberated Baghdad, Ghassan was able to return to Iraq to follow his dream and open an evangelical Christian church, the Evangelical Alliance Church. Within a few weeks the church could barely accommodate all of the hundreds of people attending their meetings. People in Iraq are hungry for something to fill the hole left by Saddam and Islam, and many of them are coming to Christ.

Everything hasn't been coming up all roses for Ghassan's small church since the liberation. Insurgents in their area have bombed several other Christian churches, killing many, and Ghassan feared that their church could be hit as well. After their church started receiving threats he and some other members of the church have taken to spending the night at their church, and thankfully their church hasn't been hit yet. They never go places by themselves as it isn't safe for Christians in Iraq right now.

Pastor Thomas told us that despite all of the danger and death, that there is much good happening in Iraq, and that many are professing Christ as their savior. He said that he, and many others, are grateful that the Americans came. In a poignant moment at the end of his talk, speaking on behalf of his church, he told us all, along with the US Military - "Thank you", and later on, "We love you". He was moved by the congregation's response, and many of us were in tears as well.

Ghassan should be back in Iraq by now, where he hopes to continue evangelizing, and where he hopes to open a church training facility in the northern kurdish areas. While we are concerned about his welfare, and we will pray for him, we rest well in the knowledge that he is saved in Christ, and that we'll see him again in heaven.. Godspeed Ghassan!

For more about Ghassan, and the Christian church in Iraq, click on these links:

Christians in Iraq fear becoming next terror target
Canadian aid worker mourned

A note about Arafat

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From Powerline:

Some date the beginning of the terrorist war against the United States to the seizure of 67 American hostages at the American Embassy in Tehran by the followers of Ayatollah Khomeni in November 1979 or to the bombing of the barracks in Beirut by Hezbollah that killed 241 Marines in October 1983.

Yasser Arafat, however, is the true father of this war. First Arafat created Black September as an offshoot of his Fatah organization. He presided over the operation resulting in the massacre of the Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich by Black September in 1972. The following year Arafat became the first Arab terrorist to target Americans.

He personally ordered the assassination of American Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Noel, Jr. and charge d'affaires Curtis Moore in Khartoum on March 2, 1973. (See my "Who murdered Cleo Noel?") Arafat himself presided over the Khartoum operation and ordered the assassination of Noel and Moore by short wave radio from PLO headquarters in Beirut. Moore and Noel were only the first of many Americans murdered by Arafat's terrorist thugs.

In a bizarre footnote to his assassination of American officials, Arafat became the foreign leader most frequently hosted by President Bill Clinton during his two terms in office. The many cold-blooded murders for which Arafat was responsible in the course of his life were politely passed over in silence as they remained entirely unavenged.

As the founder of Fatah and leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Arafat waged a lifelong war on the state of Israel and its Jewish citizens. Although Arafat occasionally interrupted the war against Israel with short term periods of truce or "hudna," he never relented from his orgy of murder or ceased to pursue his lifelong goal of destroying Israel.

In November 1974, while in the middle of his murder spree, Arafat was invited to address the United Nations. He came accompanied to New York by three henchmen who had assisted or participated in the operation to assassinate Noel and Moore. He gave his speech at the General Assembly podium with a pistol and holster strapped to his hip. His many diplomatic victories were not the fruit of subtlety or grace.

Over the final four years of his life he presided over the renewed terrorist war against Israel in which he funded and personally approved the suicide bomb operations that are his true contribution to civilization -- a contribution that made him a hero in European capitals from London to Berlin. In his usual style, he had set up entities to carry out the suicide bomb operations that allowed him to deny responsibility for them. Only the willfully credulous were fooled.

In the notorious tradition of the "175ers" among the Nazi leadership, Arafat led an incredibly dissolute life. It was his dissolution that ultimately resulted in his contraction of AIDS, the disease that led to his death outside Paris yesterday. As with so many basic facts about this utterly vile human being, the truth (although baldly reported by Oriana Fallaci in the fall of 1981) remains shrouded in myth, deception and outright lies.

Late in his life Arafat took a wife for the purpose of keeping up appearances in a culture that loathes homsexuality. While his wife and political epigones fought over the billions he had stolen from his supposed beneficiaries, the scene of his death at a French military hospital outside Paris came to resemble a protracted farce befitting a second-rate Hollywood comedy. On the other hand, in an episode worthy of Kafka or Orwell, Arafat won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1994.

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The Battle for Fallujah

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On the battle for Fallujah:

THE green video screen in the back of a Bradley fighting vehicle is the ultimate in reality television and that is how we watched the battle of Fallujah unfold as our 30-tonne steel beast advanced into the district of Jolan, a rebel bastion, in the small hours of yesterday.

Outside, in the bomb-blasted streets, up to 5000 diehard insurgents were out to kill. Inside, on a screen accurate enough to show rats scavenging on the rubbish piles, the battle between luminous green tanks and luminous green gunmen seemed almost abstract.

Progress was a mere crawl as the drivers spotted huge IEDs – improvised explosive devices – that can blow a Bradley in half. The gunners fired into them, triggering a series of massive explosions.

“There were too many IEDs to count,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Jim Rainey, the cavalry battalion commander who rode into battle with his men.

Watching the green screen was nerve-racking. With buildings wrecked and streets churned up, there were potential booby traps everywhere. Then, as the column lumbered down a main road, the guerillas appeared.

They emerged from gates, alleyways and rooftops, alone or in small groups. Wherever they faced an armoured vehicle, they died where they stood.

The resistance was determined, but hardly the apocalyptic showdown the guerillas had pledged. They had threatened to throw hundreds of suicide bombers at the Americans. But in the darkness they were at a disadvantage, stumbling blind while the US gunners could see clearly.

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The Northern Lights in Shakopee, Minnesota

La Shawn Barber's Corner ? When Worlds Collide

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From La Shawn Barber's Corner:

The liberals’ worldview is under attack, and that worldview is just as precious to them as ours is to us. It’s almost cliche now, but liberals, who claim to be the voice of the people, are sadly out of touch with the people, as attested to by Bush’s 3.5 million-vote edge.

Mr. Bush, if you’re reading this blog, listen to the people. Think carefully about that edge and deliver for the voters who put you back in office. You can start by:

— Privatizing social security
— Putting pro-life judges on the bench
— Banning homosexual “marriage”
— Banning race preferences in public (government) hiring and college admissions
— Tightening the southern border and enforcing immigration law
— Balancing the budget
— Lowering taxes even more and cutting spending on wasteful programs
— Protecting the free speech rights of all Americans, including Americans who profess Christ
— Getting more aggressive in Iraq, finishing this war and bringing our troops home

Ok, here comes the draft!

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From the evangelical outpost:

"Question: Is it to early to come clean about our plans to reinstate the military draft?"


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Sen. John Kerry called President Bush on Wednesday to concede the White House race, hours after White House chief of staff Andy Card declared Mr. Bush the winner, CBS News has learned.


Regarding early exit polls - ignore them!

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Power Line: A timely message:
"with sage advice:
There is a ridiculous rumor on the web that Kerry is ahead on exit polls...THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF THIS!...This untrue rumor was started on the web by two internet gossip columnists and one of them now admits that her source is 'not exactly trustworthy.'
No one knows who is winning right now---get out and vote!
Please forward this to your email friends and help stop this fraud from being spread around the internet.
Please do your duty and vote. Deserve victory!"

Dirty Tricks in Wisconsin

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Power Line:

"A reader in Wisconsin reports that thirty vans that the Republican Party had rented to drive their voters to the polls had their tires slashed last night. Will report more if we get further information."

Democrats Gone Wild

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"From the 'how desperate are they' file comes this from Colorado Springs:

The 96-Hour Victory Team had rented several vans in Colorado Springs for Tuesday's GOTV.

'They were all parked at the top level of the Kiowa St. parking garage near
Bush/Cheney-Pete Coors headquarters. I, along with a few others, had decorated
the vans with Bush/Cheney and Coors signs Friday night. They were left in those
spots as we went home, since it was after midnight. Apparently one of the vans
was not locked properly (we didn't go into the vans to decorate them; we just
taped signs onto the outside) and a group of socialist thugs stole it.

Thy drove it through one of the gates of Ft. Carson, the largest military
installation in town, and then set fire to the van.'"

Let the election fraud begin!

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DRUDGE REPORT 2004: "Before voting even began in Philadelphia -- poll watchers found nearly 2000 votes already planted on machines scattered throughout the city... One incident occurred at the SALVATION ARMY, 2601 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Pa: Ward 37, division 8... pollwatchers uncovered 4 machines with planted votes; one with over 200 and one with nearly 500... A second location, 1901 W. Girard Ave., Berean Institute, Philadelphia, Pa, had 300 votes already on 2 machines at start of day... INCIDENT: 292 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 7/7: ADDRESS: 122 W. Erie Ave., Roberto Clemente School, Philadelphia, Pa.; INCIDENT: 456 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 12/3; ADDRESS: 5657 Chew Ave., storefront, Philadelphia, Pa... A gun was purposely made visible to scare poll watchers at Ward 30, division 11, at 905 S. 20th St., Grand Court. Police were called and surrounded the location... Developing... "

UPDATE: FYI.... It is now being reported that the alleged "votes" on the machines, were not in fact votes, but a counter of all the votes ever cast on the machine, probably during testing. So this may not be an instance of fraud..

Will they stop at nothing?

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"Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Calls On DNC To Stop Fraudulent Phone Calls Claiming He Has Endorsed Senator Kerry"

"The Democratic National Committee is making fraudulent phone calls claiming that I have endorsed Senator Kerry. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I demand that they stop immediately.

"Senator Kerry opposed the Reagan defense build-up that won the Cold War. Senator Kerry opposed the removal of Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. Senator Kerry proposed billions in intelligence cuts after the first attack on the World Trade Center. Senator Kerry voted against funds to equip our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan with supplies like body armor and ammunition.

"I am supporting President Bush for reelection, because he is the candidate who has demonstrated the conviction needed to defeat terrorism. In contrast to the President's steadfast determination to defeat our enemies, Senator Kerry has a record of weakness that gives me no confidence in his ability to fight and win the War on Terror. His attempt to make up for these deficiencies by falsifying my endorsement only confirms my impression that he is not the man we need to lead our nation."

An Early Voter

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Via Byrd Droppings:

An Early Voter

Minnesota Race Tied - Strategic Vision

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Strategic Vision Political

Below are the results of a three- or four-day poll of likely voters in the critical battleground state of Minnesota for the presidential race. Results are based on telephone interviews with 801 likely voters in Minnesota, aged 18+, and released as indicated below. For results based on this sample, one can say with 95% confidence that the margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points.

Bush/Cheney 48%
Kerry/Edwards 48%

Get out the vote!

This season, the T-Wolves will triumph

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On Friday night I went to the Timberwolves last pre-season game at the Target Center in Minneapolis. The were playing the defending World Champion Detroit Pistons. They started out the game slow, dropping to a double digit deficit within a few minutes of tip-off. From there they battled their way back to an impressive victory. It was a very exciting game.

Last year the Timberwolves had an exciting run towards the NBA Finals, with only injuries to key players keeping them from the top. A lot of people, including me, think that this could be the year they win it all.

This season, the T-Wolves will triumph

A special message for undecided voters

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Via VodkaPundit::

'If you're still not sure whether you're going to go out and vote, do us all a favor--stay home. I know this flies in the face of the incessant appeals from news programs like this one, from public service announcements, from movie stars and rock-and-roll idols, begging reluctant citizens to go out and cast a ballot. But think about it for a minute. Sure, our political system rests on a belief in one person, one vote. Sure, on election day the pauper is equal to the millionaire, the servant and the master speak with the same voice, but do we also really believe that the citizen who has no interest in the government, the American who has to be dragged to the polling place like a reluctant suitor, badgered into a trip down the aisle, really deserves such solicitude?
'And this year... no one can honestly say we've lacked the chance to see and hear these [candidates], or their records, or their ideas, or their personalities.
'So please, if you still feel too lazy, too uninvolved, too apathetic to care about this election, do not tarnish the votes of your genuinely interested friends and neighbors.
'Go back to sleep.'
--Jeff Greenfield, 'Nightline', ABC, November 3, 1992.

Kerry Discharge "Other Than Honorable": NY Sun

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Via Captain's Quarters Blog:

Kerry Discharge 'Other Than Honorable': NY Sun:

Our friend Thomas Lipscomb writes today at the New York Sun that based on records produced at the John Kerry campaign website and military regulations and practice at the time of Kerry's Navy career, John Kerry received a less-than-honorable discharge for his service. Because of Kerry's refusal to make all of his records public and the Privacy Act of 1974, Lipscomb's sources would not go on the record. However, a reserve JAG and a former Navy officer from the Bureau of Personnel have helped Lipscomb build a strong circumstantial case for the negative separation:

The "honorable discharge" on the Kerry Web site appears to be a Carter administration substitute for an original action expunged from Mr. Kerry's record, according to Mark Sullivan, who retired as a captain in the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps Reserve in 2003 after 33 years of service as a judge advocate. Mr. Sullivan served in the office of the Secretary of the Navy between 1975 and 1977.
On behalf of the Kerry campaign, Michael Meehan and others have repeatedly insisted that all of Mr. Kerry's military records are on his Web site, except for his medical records.

"If that is the case," Mr. Sullivan said, "the true story isn't what was on the Web site. It's what's missing. There should have been an honorable discharge certificate issued to Kerry in 1975,if not earlier, three years after his transfer to the Standby Reserve-Inactive."

Another retired Navy Reserve officer, who served three tours in the Navy's Bureau of Personnel, points out that there should also have been a certified letter giving Mr. Kerry a choice of a reserve reaffiliation or separation and discharge. If Mr. Meehan is correct and all the documents are indeed on the Web site, the absence of any documents from 1972 to 1978 in the posted Kerry files is a glaring hole in the record.

Sullivan notes the possibility that Kerry received no discharge at all when he separated from the service between 1972 and 1975. Commonly at that time, eligible officers were only issued discharges when being involuntarily separated from the service if their service was deemed honorable; the lack of any discharge was considered a stigma and a highly negative comment on an officer's record.

Lipscomb also has more circumstantial evidence of the aftermath of Kerry's discharge which indicates it was either dishonorable or "undesirable". After Kerry left the Navy, he intended on entering law school, but had trouble getting accepted. The official Kerry explanation is that his applications were too late for most schools to consider for the term Kerry wanted to start, but that's not how Lipscomb's source at Harvard remembers it:

Certainly something was wrong as early as 1973 when Mr. Kerry was applying to law school.
Mr. Kerry has said, "I applied to Harvard, Boston University, and Boston College. I was extremely late. Only BC would entertain a late application."

It is hard to see why Mr. Kerry had to file an "extremely late" application since he lost the congressional race in Lowell, Mass., the first week of November 1972 and was basically doing nothing until he entered law school the following September of 1973.A member of the Harvard Law School admissions committee recalled that the real reason Mr. Kerry was not admitted was because the committee was concerned that because Mr. Kerry had received a less than honorable discharge they were not sure he could be admitted to any state bar.

The fact that Mr. Kerry had cancelled his candidacy for a Congressional seat in 1970 in favor of Father Robert Drinan cannot have hurt Mr. Kerry's admission to Boston College. The Reverend Robert Drinan's previous position was dean of the Boston College Law School.

Read all of Lipscomb's article. With a day to go before the election, Kerry managed to skate by without releasing his complete service records, even admitting it on NBC before NBC decided to "sanitize" the records and remove the admission from its interview with Kerry. It follows a pattern of complicity in the mainstream media to cover up John Kerry's even while hypocritically demanding transparency on George Bush's honorable discharge, received normally and on time for his service.

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