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Michael Moore Update

In his blog Andrew Sullivan burns Michael Moore and shines the light on his hypocritical side,

"News break: Moore is a capitalist millionaire, getting rich off left-wing suckers."

Michael Moore Update

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More Cars!

My wife Maria has had a 1995 Honda Civic LX ever since I've known her. She liked to call it her "baby car". Recently her mother decided that she wanted Maria to have something a little safer - something with side airbags and anti-lock brakes. So last week Maria got a 2002 Honda Civic EX (with a sunroof!). It is a beautiful beige color and this car has all the options! So we both now have new cars, so hopefully we won't have to worry at all about any pesky maintenance bills..

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Here is a link that will contribute greatly to your office productivity

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Judge Janice Brown is now facing another potential fillibuster by the Democratic obstructionists. Why do they not like her? Clint Bolick posits that it is because "Justice Brown is an outspoken black female individualist". Judge Brown is a good person and deserves to have a vote on the Senate floor. We can't let her be bullied like Estrada was. For more about her read:

Good Judge
The case for Janice Brown

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A new blog i have discovered, Boots on the Ground, has some very good insights into what is happening in Iraq. It is written by an American Infantryman stationed in Iraq. In a recent post, he talked about how frustrating it is for them to see only the negative things that are happening being reported on the news:

For so many years America has always cut and run when it's soldiers die, pathetic weak leaders we have. Despite many many resistance cells and fedayeen cells that get uncovered and arrested or killed, which we find these cells all the time, despite all the successes (you never hear about in the news) we've had in cracking down on these guys, they still manage to hit us. We can make this Iraq a great place, but it is going to take patience and time.

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2 thoughts of the day from pejmanesque:

That some should be rich, shows that others may become rich, and, hence, is just encouragement to industry and enterprise.

--Abraham Lincoln

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

--John Stuart Mill

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Donald Rumsfeld's Latest Memo:


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Good or Bad? Laptops for Students

I have been reading a lot lately about how so many high schools, and even middle schools, have been getting laptop computers for all their students. On the one hand I think its a good idea to give all the students a hands on introduction to computers, show them how they work, introduce them to different software packages they will need to know how to use in the future. If you think about it, having computer skills is essential in today's job market.

On the other hand, it seems like an enormous waste of tax dollars to be buying each and every student a computer that they can use for school/fun/whatever. Wouldn't it be just as effective to make sure that all our schools have computer labs that can be used by all the students? It would be a heck of a lot cheaper, and you're also keepin the computers in school control where they can be monitored to make sure they're not being used for purposes they shouldn't be (ie; games, porn, chatting w/ friends, etc).

If a student really NEEDS to have a computer or a laptop at home, shouldn't the family be supplying it for the child? I think so. What do YOU think?

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For those of us who are Pro-Life and believe that life begins at conception, The senate passing a new partial birth abortion ban is definitely good news. Already abortion proponents are popping up with threats of costly legal action to have the law overturned. From the Fox News story,

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn. -- a heart surgeon -- told Fox News he's confident the ban will withstand any court challenges.

I sure hope so... One form of abortion down, others still to go.

Partial Birth Abortion Battle Looms

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Prayers for a Cousin on the Front
The war in Iraq hit close to home this week as my wife Maria learned that her cousin Jason (who she is very close to) is currently located in Karbala, Iraq. This week he was involved in a firefight in Karbala in which 3 of his fellow men in arms were killed including his Batallion commander, and two squad leaders who he knew well. Also one of his best friends was shot in both legs and is now on his way to Walter Reed Medical Center. Jason's mother wrote us the following:

We would like you all to know that Jason was involved in the firefight in Karbala, Iraq, but fortunately was not shot. He called us at 5 this morning to let us know that he is ok physically, but emotionally he is not doing well. His battalion commander was killed as were two squad leaders that he knew well. One of his best friends was shot in both legs and is now in the hospital (stable condition) in Germany until the end of this week when he will be flown to Walter Reed Hospital. There were 7 hurt by shrapnel fragments. He told us that a rocket propelled grenade exploded a foot above his head. They were in an intense firefight that lasted for about half an hour.
I guess he wont be home until April. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. We would all be so blessed to see him come home safely.

We thank God that Jason wasn't injured. At the same time If you could all keep him in your prayers, and pray for those that lost their loved ones, that would be greatly appreciated.

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In today's Boston Globe James Carroll blasts General Boykin (of the recent "Christian Jihad" witch-hunt fame), and talks about his notion of how all "exclusivist religions", including Christianity, are dangerous, and ultimately lead to religious war. He argues,

"exclusivist claims made for Jesus Christ by most Christians, from Vatican corridors to evangelical revival tents, implicitly insult the religion of others. When Catholics speak of ''salvation'' only through Jesus, or when Protestants limit ''justification'' to faith in Jesus, aspersions are cast on the entire non-Christian world."

He goes on to say,

"But that [exclusivist] theology is dangerous now. A respectful religious pluralism is no longer just a liberal hope but an urgent precondition of justice and peace.In the 21st century, exclusivist religion, no matter how ''mainstream'' and no matter how muted the anathemas that follow from its absolutes, is a sure way to religious war."

I can't even begin to go into how wrong this whole diatribe against organized religion is, but it certainly reminds me of a book I read recently, SOON by Jerry Jenkins of the Left Behind Series. Granted, the book is a little silly, but its basic premise rings a bell when i read Carroll's article. The premise is this: the surest way to eliminate war and its threat to humanity is to institute a worldwide ban on religion. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Basically Carroll is going back to an old argument of the left, that all those that hold to any sort of an absolute truth are bigoted and ignorant. To be enlightened one must be tolerant of all religions, as long as they don't try to grab hold to any sort of notion of "absolute truth" or "exclusivity" as Carroll calls it.

As a Christian, I have a huge problem with this as I see that there are definite absolute truths, right and wrong, and a God in heaven on which it is all based. To bash the "exclusivity" of Christianity, Islam, or any other world religion that believes in a Supreme God, is to believe that there is no God. It is atheism. "Respectful religious pluralism" as Carroll puts it is nothing more than moral relativism in which there are no absolute truths, no right and wrong, and ultimately no meaning.

I do believe that as Americans we need to have tolerance of other religions, and not make restrictions on the free excercise of any faith. On the other hand, I don't believe that means we have to accept other religions as "possibly true" or "just another way to god". Religious pluralism is just another way of negating all religions, and bringing out society to a God-less, secular state - a leftist utopia.

Carroll's assertion that religions with a claim on absolute truth have caused wars is also a falsehood not backed up by hard cold facts. As Hugh Hewitt put it,

"Of course Carroll ignores that evangelical Christianity of the protestant variety and the Roman Catholic faith as well as most of Islam for the past 200 years have not been launching religious wars, even though all three traditions hold to truths that are exclusivist and absolute. No particular claim to absolute truth needs ever lead to violence."

For James Carroll to suggest that by discarding the very basis of our faith ( the deity of Jesus Christ, and salvation through his death on the cross), we can have peace and prosperity is incredibly naive and ultimately very misleading as it places the blame for many of the world's wrongs at the feet of religion. Ultimately it is those who don't have a faith in Jesus Christ who are left with no meaning, a twisted sense of right and wrong and in the end cause most of the world's ills.

Carroll's thesis: A respectful religious pluralism is no longer just a liberal hope but an urgent precondition of justice and peace.
My thesis: Faith in Jesus Christ is an urgent precondition for eternal life and peace.

See Hugh Hewitt's site and Exultate Justi for more on this article.

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Here is an article talking about the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion coming out early next year. There has been a considerable amount of controversy surrounding this movie, much of it having to do with whether or not the movie is anti-semitic or not.

In his article , "A Pack of Anti-Christs," Dr. Ted Baehr argues that the real issue is not the movie's alleged anti-semitism, but actually secular elites "whose intent is to attack Jesus Christ by attacking the authenticity of the Bible and of Christianity itself."

He goes on to say, "Many of these anti-Christs want people to believe that the Bible is highly inaccurate and cannot be read as if it says what it says. They are angry that Mel Gibson has stuck to the biblical text, and their problem is that they do not want to believe the biblical text because it would force them to consider the claims of Jesus Christ. Their fallacious premise is that "we don’t know who wrote the Gospels.” "

Baehr then details why he believes the biblical texts can be viewed as highly accurate, and why he believes the "elites" are misguided. An interesting read.

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Here is some interesting news out of Iraq:

Officer: Saddam trained al-Qaida pre-9-11

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CAR TROUBLES - R.I.P. '96 Dodge Intrepid

A week ago from last friday I began having problems with my 1996 Dodge Intrepid. This was by no means the first time that I'd experienced problems with said car, but as I was to find out - it was the last.

After starting it up, the engine began making a loud knocking noise, something akin to knocking a frying pan against your kitchen counter. I took that to be a bad sign. I turned the car off and decided I would take it into the shop on Monday.

Monday came and I drove the car through Savage, towards the service station in Burnsville. After crossing 35W on hwy 13 the "little Intrepid that couldn't" decided it would go no further. After a couple of final death gasps, the engine sputtered and died.

After sitting on the side of the road in rush hour traffic for over an hour, I finally had the car towed to its final destination at the Burnsville Amoco. They looked at my car and announced with finality that my engine was dead on arrival. They then informed me (with much delight) that installing a new engine in the car would cost upwards of $3000. I could tell they had already begun counting the money in their heads. I decided I had had enough. It was time to get a new car.

And here it is, my new 2001 Chevrolet Lumina, courtesy of Ryan Chev Olds in Buffalo.

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The Republic of Blogorado alliance of Colorado blogs will this week be displaying the Vikings logo and a exhortation proclaiming the superiority of the Vikings over all other NFL teams. Go Vikings! (Sorry for the loss blogorado guys! NOT!)

In other news, I have had gained a lot of insight into life in Iraq by reading the Iraqi blogger Salam Pax. Another Iraqi blogger has began writing about his experiences as well, and it is a great read. Check it out. And finally, check out Catfish and Cod for more detailed insights into what is currently going on in Iraq.

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How anyone takes Howard Dean seriously, and would actually vote for him is beyond me. He now is promising to repeal the Bush Tax cuts, a horrible idea which even the other democratic candidates are attacking him for:

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My latest post on

Enger Tower

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My wife and I will be going up to the North Shore of Lake Superior this weekend for a little rest and relaxation. We'll be heading out tomorrow for the 4 1/2 hour drive to Grand Marais where we'll be staying at a place called Thomsonite Beach Resort and Suites. It was recommended by a family member, and we're looking forward to a great stay. We'll be doing some driving along the north shore, taking in the beautiful fall colors, riding the gondola at Lutsen Mountain, and just taking some time out of the hectic day to day.

We'll also be staying for a day in Duluth, which is always a great place to go, a slightly less fun place to live, especially in the winter when the steep hills ice over. Very scary..

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Here is Priorities and Frivolities post-election analysis of the campaign run by Arnold.

Also, here's an interesting tidbit of information from Andrew Sullivan's Blog:

in Gray Davis's re-election bid in 2002, he gained 3.47 million votes. Arnold just won 3.69 million votes. The vote to recall Davis garnered 4.36 million.

Sounds like Arnold's Election was legitimate, doesn't it?

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here's a great photo essay from Sgt. Hook

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Here is a good (long though) post detailing why Bush's justification for war was accurate, despite what democratic nitpickers and wafflers would have you believe.

With the end of the Iraq war, comes the question...was the war justified?

Of course, one must define the justification for war first.
Was it human rights? Was it terrorism? Was it WMDs all along, with the others justifications only claimed after the fact?

Well, there's only one definitive answer, and it always suprises me that this is still debated. The justification for war has long been codified and official.
It is described in the October 10th, 2002 "House Joint Resolution Authorizing Use of Force Against Iraq", and it is quite clear.

So, in light of the recent progress report from David Kay, let's examine the justification for war, and see what we get. We'll list the justifications and see if they have been confirmed, or found wanting.

Justification: A Post-War Review

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California has a new Governator!
With most of the precincts reporting, The recall has succeeded, and Arnold has been voted in as the new governor. Californians may not be as crazy as we all thought. Good going California! Here are the numbers:

Governor Recall
97% precincts reporting
Yes 54%
No 46%

Governor Candidate
97% precincts reporting
Schwarzenegger 3,475,671
Bustamante 2,354,159
McClintock 958,274

I have to say that I am not that surprised by the results of the recall. The people were able to see through the partisan attacks by the left in California spearheaded by the Los Angeles Times. The people clearly rejected Davis, and the trash politics his ilk spawned. The people know that the state is in trouble, and only Arnold will be able to head up an effort to turn things around.

So where to start? He can start by getting rid of the car tax, and by repealing the driver's license for illegals law. Let's just hope that the Dems will be able to get beyond the seething anger that has been bubbling up to stand back and let Arnold do his thing. Already last night scores of Democrats being interviewed were hinting at obstructionism ad nauseam. Some of the things they hinted at included: a recall of Arnold within 90 days, going to court over voters being "disenfranchised" in California, having criminal charges filed against Arnold for some of his fabricated "groping" incidents, etc. I hope that they do do those things because in the end it will backfire, and the people will see them for what they really are - desperate.

Here are some articles talking about this great event:

From Shot in the Dark, a look at what left leaning blogs are saying.

A synopsis from Andrew Sullivan

A somewhat reasoned call from CalPundit not to start another recall - and to focus on ousting Bush in 2004 (good luck!)

Priorities and Frivolities talks about Cruz Bustamante's insincere conscession remarks.

Daniel Weintraub looks at some of the reasons why Arnold was able to pull it off.

Mickey Kaus on why he voted for the Schwarzenegger.

Frater libertas talks about the intellectual dishonesty of Jesse Jackson

Dennis Miller talks about voting

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The Case For War

Daniel Pipes talks about why President Bush was justified in going to war with Saddam, even if it turns out he no longer had WMD

WMD Lies

Secretary of State Colin Powell backs up Pipes assertions in his Washington Post editorial. He sums up Kay's findings, and Bush's mandate for war this way:

President Bush was right: This was an evil regime, lethal to its own people, in deepening material breach of its Security Council obligations, and a threat to international peace and security. Hussein would have stopped at nothing until something stopped him. It's a good thing that we did.

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My latest post on

Fall Colors Progression

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Recall Crazy!!
Today is the day! After weeks of craziness in the Golden State, today is the day the voter's will have their say as to whether Gray Davis stays or is replaced by Arnold/Cruz/Tom. Follow developments today at the following links:

California Insider (For inside info and analysis from Daniel Weintraub)

Andrew Sullivan (for an outsider's view check this blog)

Hugh Hewitt (the one and only California "shock jock") (for big media coverage - take with a grain of salt)

Priorities and Frivolities (In depth analysis by one of the web's foremost bloggers)

CalPundit (For a liberal view of things)

Real Clear Politics (Insightful blogging and links to articles galore)

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Red Sox Pull It Out

After some scary moments in the 7th inning when two Red Sox players collided in center field, the Red Sox pulled out a close win to defeat the Oakland A's in their divisional series. They will go on to play the Yankees for the ALCS this week. Those poor A's just can't seem to win a first round series - is that 5 years in a row they've lost?

Did you see Damon and Jackson collide in the seventh inning? Man, it was like a football hit, their heads colliding, and damon lying there unconscious for several minutes. Thank goodness he's ok.

So now the prospect of a Red Sox / Cubs World Series doesn't seem as crazy at once did. Go Sox! Go Cubs! Course all of this means my beloved Twins won't be in the playoffs any further... :(

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Here's some news you haven't heard out of California - who is actually behind the smear stories that have been running - a democratic operative that is a close associate of Gray Davis. Surprise surprise!

Who's behind smears of Arnold?

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Good news from Iraq:

Kuwait foils smuggling of chemicals, bio warheads from Iraq

Go Twins!

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GO TWINS! 3-1 Over the Yankees in Game 1