9/11 6 Years Later

Posted by Peter

When the first plane hit 6 years ago today i was driving on my way to work, it was a beautiful morning - blue skies all around.

When the first reports came in they were talking about an "accident" that had happened in New York City with a small plane crashing into the World Trade Cetner. They were saying that it was probably lost in the fog, having a medical issue or something along those lines.

I pulled into work and didn't give it a second thought. A short while later people in my office started talking about ANOTHER plane hitting the other World Trade Tower.

We were all in disbelief. We all crowded into the conference room, and watched as reports came in about another Airliner (not a small plane!) crashing into the pentagon. Other reports filed in of other possibly missing planes that could be crashing into other buildings at any time. I remember people saying things like "we're at war", and "What are they going to hit next?".
We all audibly gasped and watched in horror as the towers fell, one by one. All any of us could talk about was - how many people could be in one of those towers at any given time? 10,000? 30,000? I don't think anyone really got much work done that day.

I stayed home from work the next day and sat watching fox news all day, wondering what our world was coming to.

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Midway Lights & Fireworks

Posted by Peter

Midway Fireworks, originally uploaded by onebigswede.

A grand way to end the evening at the fair.

This photo won Minnesota Public Radio's State Fair photo of the day contest. view it here